What exactly is HWS+?

I’ve been playing for a bit on HWS Reforged Eden, and I’ve enjoyed some of the custom server features such as HWS Connect enough to donate via Patreon, but I don’t understand what HWS+ is. I gather that it is a continuation of the original vanilla HWS servers. There never seem to be more than a handful of people playing on the HWS+ servers, but it seems that there are some features that are only available on them. Could someone explain exactly what HWS+ is and why one might consider playing it instead of HWS Reforged Eden?

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short answer: evolving scenario dedicated to multiplayer stability in a true PvPvE environment.

currently in a “pre-release” state with many unfinished roads but still playable. it’s always a good option to join in and build up that OCD for future use :wink:


Thanks for that link, I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. It being in pre-release explains the low server pops. If you don’t mind, a few follow-up questions:

Does the OCD transfer between RE and HWS+? Also, I know RE has a lot of extra content and customization that makes ships designed for it (often the best ships on the Workshop) incompatible with Vanilla. Will those blueprints be similarly incompatible with HWS+?

Hello, welcome to HWS and thanks a lot for your support!

In addition to Bob it’s also worth mentioning that it wasn’t always that way:

We also had often 170+ players on them but then couple of things happened at once that led me to the decision to make my own, unique, new scenario.

No. Different scenarios, different servers.

While HWS+ has almost nothing in common with Vanilla, we still respect that and make it work / compatible.

You can have vanilla ships and play vanilla but sooner or later you will realize that HWS+ is much deeper and vanilla is basically “the entrance” before you get really hooked in much more.

Here you see the core principle of HWS+ (a very advanced rock-paper system)
And at the bottom you see Vanilla still has its place.


currently there is no transfer between the scenarios themselves with anything on HWS connect. however patron benefits do span across all four HWS servers. so you are able to get the once per season benefits in both universes and use cross server warp between their NA and EU counterparts.

in essence it’s a completely different scenario from vanilla, reforged Eden, and just about any other scenario out there on the workshop. most every ship you have will have to be redesigned but there is a creative scenario you can use to modify/rebuild.


Ok, that pretty much answers my questions, thank you both! I had seen people referring to HWS+ as a completely different scenario, but for some reason I just thought of it as “vanilla+”. I see that it should be considered it’s own thing.

I’ll check it out sometime. I’ve gotten used to Reforged Eden so I expect it’ll take some time to learn how it works.

Thanks again!