What games are you playing?

I am playing PUBG …

Barely Empyrion

Looking forward to camelot unchained beta.

Ark, Fortnite, Space Engineers, Some VR Stuff. Did minecraft and PUBG for a while as well.

Planet side 2, ark, SE, Smite, Empyrion. And crossing my fingers about Dual Universe ×.×

Empyrion for sure, Crossout, Rocket League, 7 Days 2 Die, The Forest… Thats what i actually play.

NOT empyrion… sad when only 20 folks online during peak times… game is pretty much dead now…WTG Eelion , ignore the PVP crowd long enough and we got tired of holding our breath… RIP EMP MP!

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Dark and light, foxhole :slight_smile:

BTW Pump, look at this

would anyone be interested in playing Ark Survival PVP with our clan tags?
I know ARK has a little bit of a learning curve but it’s more fun to play with friends?

Way to expensive for an early access game, even before they raised the price to 60 Credits.

I enjoy Ark alot, but the PVP is some of the most toxic stuff I have ever seen. Like, people are given all the tools to make someone’s life a living hell just for starting on the same server after they get going, and they USE them.

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I lost sleep playing Rust… checking my base in the middle of the night lol

I’m a cheapskate I always buy games on the Steam Sale$

I just thought it was a good idea to play something together till 7.0 came out.

7.0 should fix most of it!

I’m playing Empyrion, Insurgency, Payday2, and Squad

We have been playing Ark alot, I rented a 10 slot private server for us to play around on. Loads of fun. I just have no desire to log into a game one day and have all my work gone, and find my character naked and handcuffed in a cage.

Still playing Empy but also Albion Online and Crowfall when the sever is up.

Don`t play as much as before… But on a regular base, i play Empyrion, CS:GO and Fallout (most 3)
And if i have a weekend off i can sit down for many hours with TDD online =)