What happen and how can I find out?

Last night I build a strongly fortified PVP base on Venus. 14 Flack cannons, 10 30MM cannons 6 plasma cannons and 8 5.8 guns , two large ammunition containers full of amo for all guns . Today I log in and find only huge craters not only were my base was but on the sides. How can I find out what happen, who did it and more important how were they able to do it. My CV was also gone. Now I’m stranded in Venus, committed suicide hopping to be able to spawn in my base in Destiny , no such luck. Was informed “Home base not identified” " Spawn same location" OR " Start all over again on Phobos" . Frankly, I just feel like committing suicide over and over and over again.

14 Flak and 10 30MM cannons and 6 plasma and 8 5.8MM sentry turrets are not enough to defend any base in PvP. What you need is multiple bases with Flak and Cannon and Sentry only. and then your main base in the middle of all those other turret bases with your main bases also covered in Flak and Cannon. You also need Artillery HV platforms for those people who use would use HV Artillery against your base to out range your turrets.

Thanks for your information, Ill sure keep it in mind.

I suppose plasma turrets would be good also but I would lean more towards Flaks.

Can you explain please, I have built some 3 bases that will be interlinked and should hopefully be able to defend. However, how does one make it as hover proof as able. picture to maybe show would be awesome :smiley:

Hover Vessels with artillery turrets.

As for your other question on finding out who did it, go to the HWS Connect website located at the very top of the forums and sign in using your steam account and check the intruder log.

Thanks for the info, its appreciated

No hover engines no thrusters no cockpit just an HV with a gen fuel tank ammo box and guns