What i want for pvp

4 lets say. Its a shame video i made is gone already to show you exactly, tried all kind of SVs. But its not such a problem, cube is perfect factory so I can adapt without much pain.

That OP thing…I remeber OP well. So i would probably want to be alone in faction so nobody will be pissed on Elfias to do his stuff while it tured off OP. And as i have quite enough of disadvantages for larger faction from start of second season 6.x where i simply wasnt on GG as im not going to argue with ppl about who can fit in limit, I would say everyone in TCH should do it or at least ppl with same time should be in smaller factions together, also because of this limit.
That means many bases together, many of them OPed, firing infinitly at no cost. I can as well come to discord and somebody will tell me dont go on yet we need that side protected…this will be popcorn time.

Maybe i still dont understand it, bu tif this is now on GG that would be exactly the case and how is someone going to prove that im not on to protect that side?

BTW can you guys log into the experimental branch ? I just get a permanent loading screen never finishes.

Didnt tried yet, was in so great battle i barely read this all and changes for 7.0.

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You will be happy when you try it :stuck_out_tongue: everything moves so smoothly now.

Sounds good, well i hope for the best of course with OP and all, but i became sceptic a bit already. Dont get me wrong i quite welcome some kind of offline protection we suffered enough because of that this season, but i can imagine good solution at all, maybe just opening some planet for 6 hours per day but it doesnt solve much too.

LOL yeah apparently you should try playing on servers that have OP, it freakin fun, people build bases. Sure you have people that exploit it, we just fought a faction that exploited the hell out of it, but I still enjoy the OP. Just need simple rule of if a faction has a video of the opposing faction combat logging or exploiting OP then its reported, I believe HWS has policing so this should cover it.

They love OP but it is not safe they. I do not care have it or not. If I want to demolish everything.

Startreck server

Oblivion seerver

I see now why this server went from number one to barely populated. Guys like this that want to be able to attack people when they are not around. One way to do that is to make base weapons 100% accurate when owner is offline. Then double no triple their fire rate. Then if cowards want to hit me when I am sleeping they will get the butt whupping they deserve.
Rex needs to set you straight about your thoughts on bullying people when they are offline. HWS will never be popular again without guys like you in check. Try growing up man up stop being a coward.

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If people really want to just raid bases there might be an alternative where no player has to loose a base for it, will plan a bit :]

Well from what I have experienced and read here people dont want to raid bases in PVP. They want to go into PVP and have a PVE battle with peoples bases. The AI in this game is a joke at the moment. If you are not there you will likely loose.

The idea of offline raiding needs to be wiped out. Anyone caught even trying it needs to be Banned permanently. It is cheating. PVP is Player vs Player. If there is only one faction of players present that is not PVP that is PVE. Cowards need to man up. If not HWS will remain where it is near the bottom.

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Well OP should sort all that out hopefully will see.

LOL if people in offline how i attack they with OP? This servers have OP. I say to ALL - 80% of our attacks is online but defenders always run\retreat or logoff. And when you prepare a two hours for attack and then go to action and break the defence this rats logoff and blue field kill you - this is main reason why i hate OP. And dont forget different time belts. And lets be all honest 90% of you is cowards and you not go to battle if dont have quantity advantage. And people leave this server bacause ppl like you sitting and shitting on the PVE planets. Sometimes i warp more than hour and i DONT see anyone.

P.S. Before you talk at least think first about whom and what you write. IF you so brave come on lets fight.

It’s a rotation thing, you need to see the big picture, If people get killed offline then they feel time is wasted so they rather not build on pvp planets, with op more people build and live on pvp which mean’s you will find action quicker than 2 hours maybe 15-30min of searching only, Op has its benefit’s, yes people will combat log but with that timer its strategically bad idea to combat log because then you loose all defenses and leave yourself very vulnerable when you log on again.

Calling everyone cowards is not going to help your cause, it will just make more people hate you and then they will just avoid you and not give you a good fight because that is the best way to spite you, think before you throw out accusations and maybe just maybe you will have more fun having good pvp with people who like to fight.

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Not all - only 90% :joy: And i tell only what i see. But 50% if it is bad balance and network lags. In creative ship dies in three times faster. But in MP you can fight forever, I and Mak attack two ships in NA server. One leave. Second continue to fighting. We shoot 8000-10000 missiles on it (ship not be so big maybe 2 class) and it don’t die. So it is not funny too. I think Rex limit the SV HV class - because with 4 homig missile (other weapon is unusable for now - lags) it is madness to use 7class SV. But root of all this problems is more easy minning and more res. Late you need mine for days for a build a good big ship. Now with the game AM’s it is more easy. And full OCD )

Only fighting in 6.0 was on GG around bunker while still 3/4 of that was offline raiding. Bunkers might be good, but more than one. Maybe ppl can bid to have bunker for a week.

If its somehow finaly fixed so its actualy safe bunker and stuff inside will be safe. It cuts down time to build something other ppl can shoot at.

I would say working bunker is better than whole OP and rotation together. Of course you wont be able to loot good loot but thats not gonna happen anyway with empty PvP. And nobody needs that too with all that automatic income.

Actualy i had nice PvP with radioactive Squirel on NA yeasterday. After his vessel destruction he was on foot, i shot 1000 plasma rounds on him, never killed him, time to time he was invisible to me while i clearly saw him being there on radar.

And huge thumbs up for Radioactive Squirel he didnt combat logged with 15 stacks of gold in inventory but kept fighting and nearly won after i left SV to pick his backpack and was killed by damn hidden turret :slight_smile:

But yes, PvP on NA for ppl from EU is not good idea.

When it comes to class its clearly class 1 SV/HV not bigger under any circumstances. CV i dont care about that was always crap. And yes weapons are useles other than homing while homing are most lame thing i saw in Empyrion so far. Terrible situation.

Problem are bases as its all just BA vs BA if its serious battle, anyway i enjoyed last GG battle. While all sides had something a bit bigger than class 1 time to time generaly with all those bases i was surprised how well it worked with few exeptions when there was over 200 cores.

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