What i want for pvp

This is what i am hoping for in 7.0

1: Class 1 restrictions HV-SV
2: Base restrictions.
4: Armageddon style planet. (Pvp 17-23)

Restrictions neds to be set to 5 min. You get 5*1 min warning then bye bye…

This is what i am hoping for gets included in 7.0.

At the moment, I think we can only have spawning restrictions. As once you start taking damage the vessel class can increase rapidly, due to damaged blocks have greatly increased triangle count and removed block also (but less so) exposing more faces from a formed group of blocks.

But I would vote for immediate enforcement on spawning restrictions and number of vessels/cores per faction restriction.

  • in light of the two week large faction war on GG (EU) starting to loss momentum, due to the understandable natural tendency for factions to offline raid, as a way of removing bases; I would welcome the specific timeslot approach to PvP, rather than OLP. Having PvP specifically around the respawn times/surface wipe of the Ore resources would be very valuable and motivating - fight for control of the resources.
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Well we can also build with some margins. I have no problem with this. My vessels dont go over 1.

Jeez if I had to write out what I wanted for pvp it would be 10 pages long :slight_smile: lol, but if offline protection works don’t really see a need for Armageddon style, but there has already been hints for this so meh cant reverse engineer the universe without all the data.

Yea iv been able to fit all my designs into class 1 as well its actually quite big now, lets start a class 1 club :slight_smile:

I think the problem with this is that the server would have to do checks every minute instead of every 5 minutes I think it is now, so more network usage, although I think recently it was set to 1 minute but not sure how much more stress that put on the server.

OFFLINE PROTECTION = LOL and one more LOL! If you forget what it is go to some server with OP and try it) LOL again. It is “walking” exploit.

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Ofc i want a working OP…

OP is killing pvp and exploit for troling entering and leaving the server if you don’t believe go play on another server where OP is included and you will understand that it is murder.

I don’t think you understand, if OP is brought back it’ll be fixed so it cant be abused they wouldn’t bring it back without changing it…so complaining that its broken makes no sense lol

No it is you do not understand. EVEN OP will be exploit. I explain - you build a base and go sleep! I fly to you base - it is peacefull place and i just put 20 my bases around you base, You wake up and go to the server…and all you stuff die.


You will see guys.

Thanks for the feedback though.

Almost ready for the first teaser…

Nevermind…even OP do not make you safe against SWP :joy:

well offline raiding is also killing pvp…

I want from 7.0

  1. Fix the flying on big CV with many SV or HV on board (now i cant even make a jump - 1-3 fps)

  2. Fix SV weapons, reloading and return the space SV battles

  3. Makes turrets count and front weapons flexability (i hate this stupied 2 4 4 6 6 restriction)

  4. F***ck the “flowers” - reduce lags

  5. Make the BA is real power - not just a paper house.

  6. And many other things

  7. But if we go back to the reallity all of it maybe done in Beta 9999 :grin:


So much more fun with only SV and HV abttles. And BA to that :slight_smile:
But i agree that BA should be a fortress. Make BA guns more accurate and give teh 50% range and damage buffs.

AFT i solved it already. I built cube 31x31x31. Cca 155k iron. Pegasus at 220k iron wasnt able to carry single SV without fps drop, Cube is capable of carrying much more, 144 growing plots included :smiley: . And its best shape for current BP formula.

OP will be a pain, im sure of it but i hope ill be surprised. In any case ill prepare some bases to put around OPed bases for sure.
I would preffer something like armagedon, at 3 in afternoon all those bases would just obliterate each other in huge lag.
Well Rexxx seems very confident so there must be something more in it we dont know about yet :popcorn:

I want to enjoy when i fly on my ship. I dont want fly inside the cube. :cry:

Yes, fully understand. Me too, its just really weird that with simple cube it works, with complicated shape its not, but only when its moving, when standing still 60 fps…Lets pray for return of carriers.

Who really needs a 2million Sathium cube thou? seems like a waste of space, but I wonder why your cube wasn’t lagging maybe its some design element that’s different like the area that ships are docked too or something.

I think you missed the point where they fire without ammo loss during op, you can’t place any bases around xD

Yeah i missed that for sure, i just read different post…well i still need coffe but i have to agree with AFT…smoking something strong. Now thats insane.

Haha, we will see I guess everything will come to light sooner or later. Ill test this carrier thing how many ships do you need to transport without lag? A few question’s did you place the same SV’s on both ships so you can eliminated the SV being the cuase of lag, and was being a cube the only difference or was the area the sv’s where docked to a different shape or texture or in close proximity to a hanger door or something.