What is EU server IP and Port please?

Hi, I cannot connect to server, and due to my ping being over 300 from Empyrion server listing, it refuses to list it. I am unable to connect using the old IP:Port, can you tell me the new port number?

No longer connecting

Hey Scruffy,

we are testing a new server machine :slight_smile:
So please search again “HWS EU” in the filter.

[quote=“RexXxuS”]Hey Scruffy,

we are testing a new server machine :slight_smile:
So please search again “HWS EU” in the filter.[/quote]
OK, tried searching again… nothing

You may recall that HWS EU doesn’t come up for me, due to the ping being too high… Empyrion search restriction. I get NA server just fine, but no EU.

EDIT: I left the server list open for 10 mins and it eventually came up.

I still need the IP and Port. I guess I can get it myself lol I’m so lazy.

We don’t want that public. So I can PM it to you if still needed. Saw you earlier on the server?!

Yea, i got the IP myself. And I totaly understand not wanting it public. no probs. (saw you removed yourself from server list.com too haha)

I am having the same issue for the EU server not listed, i am from Brazil , also got over 300 ping.
Can some one PM me the server ip/port to try connect manually?

Maybe you try out the NA-Server, there could be a better Ping for you?!

I got friends on EU server, and i am on a faction there, also been playing over 50 hours in 6 days in the server, spend most of the time building my base, even thought my ping is 190~220 for NA server, the server looks more hard to begin than EU, but since there is a cross-server jump , maybe some day i gonna visit the NA server.

It´s a visit worth… I was last today on the other server. When it´s your first travel you should look that an admin is online who can support you.

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