What is your mother language you would like to play on HWS? (Regarding PDA text & Dialogue Text)

Dear HWS Community,

with HWS 14 one of my goal is to reach as many players as possible and make them enjoy their stay.
And obviously that works best, if it is in their mother language, right?

Empyrion is still very rough regarding internationalization, especially global chat, but at least for the PDA, Item/Block Info and Dialogues I have a CSV file, where I can translate everything in your proper language.
With the help of Google Translate, but hey, better than nothing I think.

Still, it takes a lot of time to do and copy paste is tedious work. So I want to see what are the core language groups on HWS, so I can at least fulfill 50% of the listed languages.

Thanks for participating!

What is your mother language you would like to play on HWS? (Regarding PDA text, Item/Block Info Text & Dialogue Text)
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Francais
  • Italiano
  • Spanish
  • Portugese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Turkish
  • Greek
  • Dutch
  • Vietnamese

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P.S.: Empyrion even offers translations for Portugese Euro and Brazil and Chinese Simplified and Traditional. Players of those groups, please let me know your preferred choice or different put: can a Portugese player from Brazil read the Euro version?
And can any Chinese player read the simplified version?


We need an Others category :wink:

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I know but I can only work with what Eleon is giving me.
And technically that is only those

KEY,English,Deutsch,Français,Italiano,Spanish,Portuguese (Euro),Portuguese (Brazil),Polish,Russian,Japanese,Chinese (simplified),Chinese (traditional),Korean,Türkçe,Greek,Dutch,Vietnamese

Hey, i’d be happy to help translate the french part

Thanks for your offer.
Once every string is settled, I will consider it.

Right now a lot is still changing…

I want to do the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Hi, my mother language is French but I’m playing in English. Can also help if need in translation.