What kind a ship builder are you?

I know that many of you build ships on creative and just make a bps. Seems kinda a waste of precious time out of action out off server for me personally! Im an enjoyer of slow and accident prone process and building a ship, like a bad b***h changes bf’s!! And i do enjoy simply minning and seing number go up too. My ships is many times more aesthetic bulding and reshufling while constantly “D’oh” ing myself from obviously unobvious lessons i learn! No library bps is ever perfect for me :joy:, and always get skined out off decoration blocks :rofl: :rofl: and my interiors is a line from seat to back side ramp… If only line go up!! :grin: what kind a builder / player are you??

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Im the Excel kind. The one who is more worry about more max out the ship potential then anything else. Just general data i know without any notes to understand this:
Drive thrusters able to carry 37500t
Its dividable with 4 if you want full speed
A full set of shield+warp+fusion weight near 12Kt.
“The basic equipment” cost 100K CPU
Equipment should be expected 200K CPU :smiley:
And this number in my head…
Now dont let me brag about my excel table which able to calculate negativ CPU, high gravity and such…
Its cannot calculate one thing:
How the heck i ending up always all the time over 10K blocks of ships xD


I did a playthrough once with a few friends where blueprints weren’t allowed. It was actually super fun, very tedious and hilarious to see what toasters my friends was making. Honestly it ended up being my favorite and most memorable game play.


@Dom22 Could you please tell me the date next friday, to prove you’re not a bot?
Also please include the time of your message, ik your message.


most likely a bot and probably won’t be back just like hwasamaria. I asked it to divide by zero in a private message and it hasn’t been back since. this one will hopefully do the same :crossed_fingers:

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which server are you currently playing in?

that’s not the question I asked. which server are you currently playing in?

here’s the thing, you joined a random web forum and started asking questions of its members without knowing anything about this place.

I highly recommend you try your social engineering tactics somewhere else. or at least get more information about a community before probing them for information.

@Dr.Dark or @RexXxuS has this conversation revealed enough?

You didn’t have to take is so far Bob. He answered wrong. @RexXxuS, want to ban him?

Regardless of timezone, minute doesn’t change by 30 minutes.

Not that I am defending them either way, but you do know there are MANY 30 minute and 45 minute time zones, right?

They are not just 1 hour time zones.

No, I cannot say that I knew that. I thought all timezones were per hour. Then it makes more sense.

Maybe not a bot then, but still, probably a human using AI as @Bob suggested.