What to do with "stuff" ? Electronics, beams, computer..?

im on RE Server and we have too much stuff of electronics, computers, alloy and so on. But what to do with it? Destroy it? In Marketplace, no one will buy it. The traders only buy 50-300 units.

And Ideas?

Would be cool to trade “Stuff” to factions to give bonus diplomacy. I have a hard time to get points on e.g. pirats or free colonists on each season, 3 month is too fast and boring each time to try to level them to friendly (or better). A option to gift stuff/weapons/ammo and so on to talon and other (trader) factions would be cool.

If the creators of RE don’t do it, I can add such Quest Trader easy.

Other ideas:

a black market trader who will corrupt politicans of the faction to vote for me in exchange of my ressourcen (the goal is the same as above)

a trader that should to find (of have) rare stuff in exchange. 40 000 electronics, 10 000 computer, 10000 alloy, 5000 coils vs. 1 quantum :sunglasses:

This way the traders / dealers would get more interessting. (i asked now in RE dicord channel about that idea)

you can always use the parts to craft items traders do buy

any recommendations? I cant find good items that are worth crafting. I am not a 24/7 player, the limited time i play i dont want to craft items to gain 200 credits.

The idea i mentioned above could be a new play element. I fly around with a trading ship and get in exchange stuff that is REALLY worth the job i do. This costs time, pentaxid, fluel, is perhaps dangerous by getting attacked from pirats / zirax. I thought thats why there are plenty of races/factions in RE to do such stuff :wink:

mainly exploring is how to discover these things

visit a colonist scrap yard and talk to the vendors. they buy a variety of different craftable items.

brotherhood of farr bazaar POIs on desert planets in their territory. u can make a decent profit selling HV tool turrets.

gas refineries will buy advanced generators for very lucrative profit

u can also stuff just about everything in the F2 Factory and crap out anything. go into creative mode and make a starter block with a few devices u want to sell or even store in the OCD.

here is a guide on filling the OCD with extra stuffs that can be deconstructed and recrafted into just about everything

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