What's next with

Good Morning HWS Community,
a little reminder about what’s next:

  1. HWS RE will be full wiped in 2 days, on 25th, starting at 10AM. Shouldn’t take too long this time.
    It will run the 1.6 Reforged Eden server, while we wait on the upcoming 1.7 version. Which is planned for “Early 2022”, which can be January-March.
    From our HWS side the next RE season will be the start of adding our popular HWS Events. Some old ones like Battle Royale, Deathmatches, Tower Jumper but also new ones like Tower Defense and my own adaption of Squid Game: the RIP Games :smirk_cat: :cross: :grin: (Red Light / Green Light and Hopscotch as start)

  2. HWS+, as announced few minutes ago on Patreon: the Closed Patron Beta server starts on Sunday. The main goal is to test the new unique Elemental Weapon System (EWS²), providing feedback, shaping it to perfection and then ship it Early 2022 to public.
    If you want to participate, you can either become an awesome HWS Patron here: HWS - Homeworld Server is creating gaming content and servers for Empyrion Galactic Survival | Patreon or wait until next week, until I release a test HWS+ Creative Scenario to the Steam Workshop, so you can do tests, start to build Elemental ships and provide feedback that way.
    Either way, please note that nothing is final yet and this revolutionary new game mechanic needs some testing to make sure, that each Element has its place.
    In the long run I’m sure this system will provide exciting, refreshin’ gameplay mechanics for PvE and especially PvP.

That being said I wish you already a warm Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: :star:
Your HWS Team


Merry Christmas everyone!


Good Morning - HWS RE,
it’s time! 3 months ago we started a very successful season with 200 players online at the same time for few days (over 100 players average). A world record! :hwsstar: Thank you for spending your valuable time on our HWS server!

Now, it’s time for a new, fresh season! :rocket:
We wish you a lot of fun, happy holidays and thanks again for being with us!

Some info:

  • The full wipe procedure will take longer than anticipated, cause I need to wait for Jascha for some help. Let’s say ETA ~2 hours.
  • We run RE 1.6. RE 1.7 will come “Early 2022”. Whenever that means, we keep our 3 month cycle and can get excited for the next one with 1.7
  • The -20% Discount Sale will be running till Sunday 11pm (https://support.hws.global) - Thanks in advance for your help, your support!