When hvs learn to sprout wings...not the first or last

steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =738156966

That seems to be a pretty clear indication of what’s going on with them.

in addition…

I’ve never shot an SV so many times and not destroy it. I’ve put holes in CV’s with less time spent. Must be the best SV blueprint ever made b/c it wasn’t the pilot as 50% of the shots landed on target of about 2500 railgun shots. It’s quiet…“interesting” this is possible. Unless there was a huge SV railgun nerf on damage that the devs made.

I also find it interesting that they exploit a bug with playfields that will allow them to temp kick people in a fight. They just enter and leave a field in rapid succession until the other person gets kick for an internal error and take their stuff that way. They aren’t very good at true pvp at all. What they are good at; is bug exploitation. That’s why, in every fair fight they get in, they get an ass whipping. They exploit ships. They exploit dying near a base and using ocd to take the base from inside. They exploit land gen glitches to fly underground and attack bases that way. I’m getting pretty tired of seeing the entire server just staying on pve because they can’t have any type of base without it being taken via an exploit.

I was also involved in these battles last night. That HV was flying all night long. Had no idea how he could out fly me in an SV. Depleted many rounds of rail gun ammo and could not take him down. Hours of damage to it and it never seemed to make a difference.

Just remove the hover engine and put thrusters in all directions. Hit shift + space to get off the ground. Just don’t go into orbit!

While this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of the flying HV issue (mine tends to jump around for some reason), I don’t think intentionally making HV fly is really something kosher with how the game is played. I would imagine the reason you weren’t able to kill him is due to flying HVs causing massive server lag and that lag makes combat nearly impossible on the server (I’ve had this happen before). Basically the best way to have combat is to fucking actually do combat, not piss around green barrier or constantly overloading the server with playfield entries.