Where do i sell ships, where is the "Trading Zone"?

I’m in elemental market to sell my ships. According to the rules:

“The HWS Marketplace (ships) is located in the elemental market orbit” …

I’m, there and there is no market with “ships” in the name,
There are two “Elemental marketplace” in orbit, on either side of the planet and I’ve visited those and can’t do “ts:pricelist” in any of then (yes, i was inside the station) … it says “You need to be in a trading zone” … wheres that??

If it’s not implemented yet, that’s fine. Ill just leave my ships and fix it when it’s available.

Was told by rex in game that feature is not online yes.
Will park my ships and come back when it is =)

I’m not sure where you parked but don’t park in the marketplace. It’s against the server rules and will get wiped.

Ship trading is now available on the EU server in Elemental Market Orbit

Indeed. This rule is important and already triggered.
Only ships for trading are allowed, in the given area. Everything else is history - sooner or later

Trading ships is now also available on HWS NA - Elemental Market Orbit

So, post 5.0, I have gone to the new marketplace and tried to sell a ship, same error message, that I am not in a trading zone. I have tried on all the different docking pads, etc, and it wont register that I’m in a trading zone. Is this feature not online yet or am I missing the location for selling ships?

See HWS connect. Soon there is HWS Garage coming. Stay tuned