Where is the pvp meta at now?

Here’s the thing about lag shots, and its not going to be popular. I like lag shots? Why? because in battle sh*t happens. If we didnt have them everyone would just fly armor cubes and say “WHATS UP NOOB?”. The lag shots make you build smarter, every rendition have to build differently. If you were to somehow relate to real life, no matter how well something is built something can always go wrong.

Now it would be nice to have more frame rates, the choppy will always suck


I would agree with you here Abrum if it didnt give an unfair advantage to people like you me and alot of the others who have many many hours into Empyrion. Alot of peoples walked away from pvp due to these issues.

All I’m going to say is, I got a new computer… I have almost 0 lag at all times. I’ve been in multiple HUGE CV fights and had almost 0 lag in all of them. I have not disconnected at all either. I’m not making false claims it’s the truth. I have not been lag shot to my core in ages, since back in 5.0. The only problem with the big fights now are the turrets stop firing randomly, no clue why but they just stop working literally. After so many people have joined in the fight turrets just start going crazy doing nothing. So all in all, from 5.0 to 6.0 it’s 100x different. There was fights in EU 5.0 where I lag shot 3 people in a row… That doesn’t happen anymore. People would chase after me while attempting a gang bang and lag shot themselves every time. It’s something to do with the speed. Fly at a slow speed and fight, you’ll have literally almost 0 lag shots to inside. I used to lag so bad in 5.0, I would DC every single fight if it wasn’t 1v1… Whole time thinking it was the game and server etc. I get a new computer, and guess what? 0 lag just about, 0 disconnects, almost 0 studders. I came into 6.0 using the same computer as I was before, I still disconnected a lot and couldn’t take it anymore had to get a new rig. I hated hearing “get a new computer” because I continued to tell myself mine was fine. Not saying anyone is “crying” or wrong or anything… Just saying MAYBE you need new computer. I can personally say, the other day UMC was attacking my base with a ammo drain, distraction CV that was made to distract base turrets/take a beating for ages… I showed up on the planet while they were in progress of this… Nothing would render? I was confused… Waited a minute and there everything was, a million turrets going off and the game was running smooth as pie… I flew around watching UMC pilots in SV’s lag like a freak train. The moment I landed I had huge lag spike, game crashed for a second and then continued on. I hopped back in my SV and flew back up… 0 lag again. I watch people in CV fights rubber band all over my screen… That’s them having a bad computer and lagging. The reason I know this is because I used to play this game for a long time on a bad computer. So there you have it people. That is from experience with this game, not just made up bullshit. I used to blame this game so much for DC’ing all the time and lagging in our massive desert world battles… It wasn’t the game it was my computer lol! What a surprise


Hi Colin,

For those of us who aren’t going to buy a £2000 PC just to play a £15 game can you provide us with any insight on what your most significant upgrade was?

I play on a quad-core rig o/c to 4.6 ghz with a 4GB mid-range card and 16 GB of good quality RAM. Its far from top end but i had another of those 1-3 FPS battles last night in homeworld. Pieces of my ship merging onto others etc. I’d be very interested if you could provide more specific insight. Right now my thoughts are on my dated processor - for £100 I can get the octacore version.

Edit: The game is horribly optimised for big PvP battles atm - its a shame you need a high end rig just to cope with the ‘lag’ (performance) but thats the situation we find ourselves in.

So… lag shoots not fixed. Devs just reduce the damage radius and damage amount (major for a artillery). When the turret is blow up - it make a big “lag” (penetrating) damage in 2-4 blocks around it. So now 70% of “lagshoots” goes from destroyed turrets.

And about fight ))) I have 1-3 fps without any figths! How to reproduce it? JUST SIMPLE!!! Take a 4 class LONG CV (like a 100 or more blocks in lenght) Dock to it a 2 class SV with many thrusters and armor. And try to fly in the space - you can fly only horizontal (press O button) if you change direction of you ship you take a big lag. So if you go to conbat with one or two SV (even 1 class) you take a death lags. This is from new collision model. But i have feelling the Devs DONT play in this game.

So the longer the ship the strongest the lags. On medium size CV with docked HV or SV i have 14-25 fps (i have regullar 90 fps). On small CV i dont have lags. If i sit on my big combat carrier i have 2-3-6 fps when moving. I can fly only horizontal (press O button) witout lags

And for now it is MAJOR game problem!!! Now we cant fight in the CV on the planets! And we need to transport the SV and HV but with this lags it is madness! But Devs make cockpits and flowers. Sometimes i want heavy hit or kick they :grinning:

And about SV in the space. It is funny - If i fly ower 20m\s all my projectile weapons do not shoot))) I played this game from first pre-alpha. And i dont see the version the worst that 6.0. In alpha 1\2\3 i can freely fight on SV in the space with plasma cannons. Now you cant hit the target even on the planets. Combat goes lags. But devs makes a homing missile ))) becuse they dont want strain the mind.

P.S. We are the alpha testers i know it but why some major bugs not fixed from pre-alpha.

This sentence convinces me that you are not familiar with what we mean by “lag shot”.

I have noticed some oddness, as you said, with cv lag that manifest very strangely. I believe I narrowed it down in my case to the spotlights I had placed on the front of my CV, and perhaps some on the inside of the ship, mounted to sv’s. I cut them out, and have not had the same issue since. I did notice, as you did, that it seemed mostly to be present on angle changes different from aligned to the playfield.

Something like this?

“Lag shot still lags shot even in Africa” Classic lag shoots still here. And now we have new lag shoots from blow up turrets when ship is moving. Game think the blow here but ship is moving and this blow blowup inside the ship.

P.S. You video not supported by my pc

I think if Eleon reduced CV speed to 60 and SV speed to 80 in space that it would help with targetting and lag in general

That or it would just take longer to get places. It is not the motion of combat that creates stutters and frame drops. This was tested thoroughly on the Nova server by the LBP guys. They took a bunch of large ships, and flew next to each other, bouncing around, all sorts of things, with guns off. Not performance loss. Fired manual weapons, some performance loss. Turned on turrets, frame rate plummeted.

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Halve the number of turrets and combat block HP. That would help some. Personally I think they could do away with minigun and cannon turrets - maybe add another 2 plasmas. Less variation in range and dps to account for.

Actually, that argument has a surprising counter to it. Cannon and miniguns are the two that produce absolutely the least lag. That is because their projectiles are handles differently by the game. They use ray casting (think call of duty bullet). The rest use projectile mechanics (Think battlefield bullets). The latter is far more computationally expensive, but alot more pleasant and realistic to work with. Add to that that those two are the only ones without splash damage, and it turns out that cannon and minigun are really the ideal, performance wise. Obviously they dont pack enough of a punch, so not great to fight with. But theoretically you should be able to have dozens of ships running cannons and miniguns and have zero problems (other than turret cap, of course).


I wasn’t saying speed causes lag, it causes lag shots 100% sure tho. Move at a slow speed and fight, you won’t have splash to the insides and you won’t get lag shot. Fly at 91 towards an enemies guns and you’ll take out half the stuff inside your ship lol.

Agreed, that is why we started fighting in reverse most of the time, even if fighting a smaller ship. It was the best way to not get insta killed.

Maybe RCS physics are part of the problem, I’ve read max speed is limited by engine but your ship radial velocity can go way above this limit, my 180 m long ship can do a full circle in less than a second. Maybe thats why they tried to change RCS for CV.

Unless you are playing laser baseball with your cv as a bat, I dont think thats an issue.

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I’m thinking about unaccurate interpolation when above the speed limit, thus “lagshot”.

lmao laser baseball with your CV !!! People do that

You can find a fly swatter on the workshop.