Where is the pvp meta at now?

I have been away quite some time. Have they fixed clipping shots? CV battles still lag fests?

lag shots have been reduced…

battles still lag, small scale seems to be okay, but large scale isnt handled well in terms of turrets firing.

Server resets Friday, reducing planets, class 3 for ships… may help reduce lag in battle and on the server.

The extra calcs they put in to reduce lag shots means 42 turrets per ship firing all at once isnt handled well at all.

Unfortunately i think CV battles will still suffer because of this after fridays wipe.

It’s now a 21 limit at once according to Hummel
"21 is the max amount of “weapons” you can have on a vessel (working at the same time). Not a bug, but more a technical limitation."

That is an interesting spot. The game simply cant handle the current 42 max limit then. However, unless damage is increased / combat steel strength reduced, CV battles will never end with 21 turrets.

Edit: Hummel is specifically referring to fixed weapons on a custom server where someone put 30 drills on a HV and only 21 were working. Presumably - doesnt apply to CV turrets.

always been like this, max 21 weapons active at a time

Lag shots are functionally fixed. I have not seen any concrete evidence of anyone getting lagshotted, the closest thing to that is that there is sometimes a client/server discrepancy where the client THINKS it was lagshotted, then the devices return later.
Turret targeting means protecting the guns that matter, and using the rest (including sentry) as distractions. Most put the primary turrets rearward and to the sides so they last longer.


They 100% still exist but in a greatly reduced capacity. I have a minimum of 8 rows of whitespaced blocks plus two airgaps from the top and bottom and 2 -3x that front to back to my warpdrives location. It’s rare but on occasion I will lose the warp drive even though I’m only missing 40-100 blocks from my front. This actually happened when I was fighting ACM and AAA for about 2 hours. I ended up losing 1 ammo bin, 1 fuel tank, and my warp drive but none of my surrounding blocks for once again about 8 rows we’re even damaged.

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Interesting. I also lost my warp core, but it reappeared after about 30 minutes, with the rest of the thrusters, fuel tanks, etc. that had appeared to be lagshotted.

Interesting, were you able to place a new warpdrive when it wasn’t on your device list? My ammo and fuel didn’t show up after a day or two so I’m thinking they were gone but I dis drop a new warpdrive 30 minutes after relogging because the relog did fix turrets that were not showing up on my ship but were showing up on the device list.

my bad, I am mixing two situations. The one I lost my warp core on I did not have time to investigate, it may have been possible it breached to outside, or glitched the same. The one I really investigated I lost warp core, 1 fuel tank, dozens of thrusters and rcs, all on one side and all defintie lag shots. I was makign replacement parts, then all of a sudden they reappeared in front of me. I even walked through the space where they were supposed to be on several occasions, so it wasnt just visual.

We’re all those components missing from device manager as well or was it a visual inspection?

device manager as well as visually. I have maintenance tubes running through and touching all of the thrusters and RCS in my ship, so I ran in and saw that almost all were gone.

PVP meta / net code = Shitte

1-3 FPS , constant DC’s, nothing worth even trying … it stupid really. Unless you are talking small scale 1v1, even then still some lag, but anything like base assualts or 5v5 battles… unplayable… like its been forever… im tired of waiting for this to get resolved personally…


Sad story but it will never been resolved with this claims.

We send our logs regulary to Eleon and they even found these text in there (chat logs) and maybe even from you telling something about 1-3 FPS.
We both had no clue and ignored it. I just said maybe because of Homeworld Space and lot of ships parked there. But who knows.

So instead YOU can help in resolving this. The lagshots are “fixed”, right? You know why? Because we ALL pushed it. We made videos. We made reproducible CVs and usecases where the shots got through. We colored indicator to the layers where the damaged walked through. It was a big project where a lot of people worked together.

People need to realize that only then something can change. No GIFs, no crys, no flames will fix it otherwise.

So stand up and show use cases of it. Find out why. Find out when. Find out where.

Then we can talk again.

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So your saying you think you might know whats causing the lag but you don’t care?

I told them that this might be the reason, yes.
But do we have proofs except the structure log? No. Does implementing limits help? No. Does your GIF or frustrated rant in forums help? No.
(not implying that I never had 1-3 FPS in any fight I watched)

We need more than all of that to find out the root problem.

Actually the GIF as you can see say’s playing ONLINE with lag not playing HWS ONLINE with lag. was merely putting it there because playing with online lag with any online game is like that sorry you took it so personal.

No, it is all good. I manage and run eight empyrion servers (all official ones etc.) so it is not related to HWS. I care about the game itself.

I am just frustrated as you or maybe more. But I am focused on solutions. And sadly you, every player can help so much in improving this game (general games) with good reproducible cases. I know this takes time but in the end it would be so satisfying…
Actually we can be lucky to have Devs really care about all of this and are able to help. But it is like math. If you just write the result in your exam nobody cares. You need to write the path to your solution.
Same here: we need specific ways to the problem. Not just smashing the problem in the room like an pink elephant. That doesn’t help. Everybody see that. But how came the elephant in the room.

Alright, I stop for now.

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