"Where to find?" Stuff für HWS RE 1.7

since for me its very unclear how to get specific stuff in Reforged eden and its hard to get infos from Forum and Discord i would like to ask here. Perhaps someone knows more then i and can help others with the answers.

  1. Where is it possible to get CV and SV Quantum Cores? Where do i find those enemys and look boxes?(im searching of course for the easiest way to get one, i only know the tovera and i dont want to shoot polaris of other “normal” factions)
  2. Where is the best chance to get the new schematics for Heavy Railgun and Heavy Blaster Cannon?
  3. Where to find all the stuff for LX-2 Prototype Light Railgun (schematic is buyable at UCH Research Ship) and how to get firing this thing?
  4. Where to get this new materials needed for both of the biggest Capacitor and Shildboost systems?

1,2,&3: ultra rare loot drops

4: Hell planets have a buffet of rare materials (voidium, magmacite, and drone processors)

u can also obtain CV quantum extenders by fighting the tougher end game ships like dreadnoughts and corrupted xenu carriers

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  1. Zirax Tovera, corrupted xenu carriers. Are there any other and what of that ships are easier to kill?
  2. LX-2 Prototype Light Railgun What is findable in loot boxes? I dont unterstand the hole weapon.
  3. voidium, magmacite, and drone processors on hell planets. Ok. But where to produce the things for Capacitor and shildboost? I cant build all stuff in adv. constructor.