Why I am banned?

Why is my account (Ojmat) banned a few minutes ago?

Best regards :slight_smile:

Good Morning,

one item was crazy high in your inventory. Nothing our tool was prepared for :wink:
I adjusted it and unbanned you.

Have fun.

I was banned again while organizing cargo boxes…

Can you unban me please?

ok… done

The items we set initial as flags are since alpha 2. Some people just craft strange stuff in high amounts.
All legit for now.

link the posts plz

I asked for the links for a reason.
I want to make you sensitive to your way of speaking unclear, very often controversial stuff.

Because this is not true. All of them got maybe a second chance but all relevant ships, cargo were wiped. They also get resetted and started from zero.
You have to split this to intentional dupers who just give a fuck and never ever contacting us and people who either found a bug and tool triggers, did it but felt bad etc
Even you duped your inventory and got unbanned by me.

Sure people abusing this here and there and think they are smart. They get their karma. Sooner or later.

But in the end the good people will stay on the server and are the community we are kind of proud of.

Whenever Rex posts…

Thranir reaction…

This is what I mean with unclear controversial stuff. It is topic A and you always start to talk about F K T X Q Z. This is very stressful and hard to follow so in future really ignored.
Talk about your random topics at the time or make own topics for it but don’t live in the past or abuse topic A for it!

So now you crying again. Very unstable mind.
If they have a planet or we activate the OP for 4.0 their stuff are save and you go somewhere else to play.
Also it is wrong, the orbit is pvp and they have to leave the planet sooner or later but this is always something you ignore.
Also why are you in their discord if you want to kill them? For me it is like Spionage and even worst behavior than normal Thranir.

Anyways I really need to work hard for 4.0 and this is always ending the same.
So take care.