Why I won't buy from here

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What happened?
=> Treating the customers like trash, then begging them for money on every possible occasion. (just check the ticketing system - for rude comments and then the begging part in every announcement).
“I am so busy and tired, but I will spend hours being rude to my customers”.
Using ticket system is complete waste of time, you won’t get any issue resolved, just being talked dawn by the owner.

And reading the announcements is a mistake, it will mislead you every time.

  • The wipe should have been earlier, but is on 15 ready or not!!!
  • No it’s not on 15, I am not ready.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)

Server? (EU or NA)

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=>Try keeping to your word once, or don’t announce anything - its very unintelligent to keep doing it in the same manner. Don’t treat your customers like trash or you will be out of business soon.
At least sell the business to someone who is capable of running it.


I have no idea what you’re talking about here :thinking:
I found 2 of your tickets and you got pretty quick responses and I see no rude comments.

In fact, both Rex and Jascha took the time to help you to the best of their ability.

Wouldn’t you get a bit tired if you worked full-time on a project and had a bad salary, and having to often deal with drama and other time-wasters?
I probably would, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell what it’s like.

Hmm no, not really. The game update was on the 15th, and Rex attempted to be ready for that but like I said, there are many time consumers and it’s primarily Rex working alone on the universe with Jascha who’s primarily working on chatbot.

I’m still not sure what you’re refering to here. It’s quite rare anyone complains, and you haven’t provided an example.

If you’re refering to your own tickets which i screenshotted above, then I really don’t understand. There was no talking down, simply Rex and Jascha trying to help you.

It’s not a problem taking this discussion, but please be more constructive. Simply calling HWS bad doesn’t help anyone really.
Is there anything special you’d like HWS to do better? I can’t promise it’ll happen, but if you don’t suggest anything it definitely won’t.
You have to remember the entire HWS Team consists of humans, and it’s christmas in 3 days and everyone has been busy with covid-19 and what not this year. Rough year for most people.
We all have to work our way through it, and attacking others doesn’t help :wink:


1st off this is a help section for getting assistance from all community members. not a ranting board for complaints and grievances. this post sounds like just another case of entitlement vs reality. to be clear: we are not customers, this is not a department store, there is no manager to file a complaint with. this a privately hosted server that only exists because a small handful of individuals sacrifice their personal time to keep it running. the HWS team has done a fantastic job keeping this server alive regardless of the constant broken features released from the dev. i suggest u rethink how to ask for things. complaints don’t usually get u what u want here…


Not talking about me, but here are few:

- The issue is about lost daily reward. Will you resolve the case in the same manner if a payment failed for example ?

- “go create an issue or I won’t help you” vs “I will help you and show you the correct way for future”

- This is long discussion, but the info needed was there from the start, for something so simple. (fault of HWS server - not user). It’s painful to get help.

I know some people are very confused, but when you have a store page with real money and you pay taxes - it’s business - thus customers. Argue with the government not me.

you are severally mistaken on the supporter packages. they are donations, not a purchase of goods or services. this is not a business at all. international tax laws would agree. we are making voluntary donations to keep the server alive. the owners give a “bonus” to those who offer their money. nothing more, nothing less. i suggest u read the patreon page thoroughly before wild accusations form…


You mean the purchase is called “donation” and the product is “bonus” :smiley:
So you are not running a business but a “charity”.
Use all the different words in the world but the fact remains, no customers (“users” or whatever you want to call them) no HWS - because of this funny stuff money.

I am feeling weird explaining this to you.

Please tell me you are not part of the team !!?

now it just sounds like ur arguing for the sake of argument with no point at all. I honestly don’t understand what “assistance” ur looking for here. just seems more of a complaint than anything. and no i am not on the HWS team, i am just another player like urself. i just don’t enjoy seeing the admin’s time wasted on things that take them away from dealing with the constant flow of bugs from new patches. u see this as a business and ur mistaken. nothing i say will change that in ur mind. so i shall end this pointless conversation and hope the team doesn’t wast nearly as much time here as i.


I think you’re talking about an issue which isn’t here.
Game crashes always cause issues because they are unintended, thus crash and not shutdown.
It isn’t anything any server owner can do anything about, it’s on eleons side. So I’m not sure why you bring that up here.

And yes it would be handled the exact same no matter if a payment was made or not, or if it failed or not.
HWS isn’t pay to win.

By people using other peoples tickets the issues will get lost and no help will be given. Not saying anything here would be bad for the user, so again I’m not sure why this is one of your examples.

Here you have a great example of a time consumer. These are one of the reasons why:

And you actually included in your screenshot, Rex gave the guy his coins back and spent quite a while trying to help him.
The more details you provide when asking for help, the better the help will be. Sometimes there can be a language barrier though, and that can both be the user and any member of the HWS Team. Rex for example isn’t a native English speaker. Neither am I. Often the users aren’t either.

I’m beginning to agree here, so this will be my last reply. I hope you got the answer you were looking for.


Sir, this isn’t Walmart.


we should close this time waster before it gets out of hand :frowning:


Yikes :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Thanks guys! Appreciate your comments!

If I don’t like Walmart, the last thing I would do is go shopping there with a sign around my neck: “Don’t buy here!”. I mean: Why non productive complains?
Go to the “One Dollar” shop around the corner and be happy with the cheap stuff they offer. There are enough other options.

But, you actually playing on a server that you hate… well that says all…


Since you talk obviously about me, in a very disrespectful and rude way, just let me say I don’t appreciate it.
Neither is my intention to be rude (sorry, if I am sometimes!?) nor do I beg for anything.

For one, we try our best to help hundreds of people and 8930 tickets will proof it.
And for two, sometimes, in very rare occasions I just want to share what it means to run HWS since 5 years and what it means to try to make a living out of it. (some even ask)
And well, it is by far not easy nor super profitable for my real life in comparison to a “real” job.

If you have such an awesome life, swim in money and don’t want to hear about someone struggling, don’t read it and just go.

You are a funny guy… but if you ever try again to come “into my house” and show me the finger like that, I will show you with pleasure the door.