Why is my ship having a differant tag?

went to dinner after leaving my ship on 101, came back and my Astra battleship which is parked at my base still, is now with the tag HWS wather than my tag of 101! it was a private ship and now I cant touch it??? please help……


server is HWS NA PVPVE custom universestory….etc

time: went to dinner at 2100EST-2400EST
planet eden

astra destroyer

I want my ship back, I worked hard for it. and even payed…

Yes. You prob have to many ships. See map info for details.

Type egs:buyshipback:ID And it should be yours again.


I would need a correct structure name, or the ID (just type “di” in the console and then look at the structures closely. See the box above in the UI which shows you then the ID) to find that structure.
I checked your faction and you, but can’t see any ship turning to HWS

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How can I see the structure ID? It’s no longer on my Structure commander. Thanks :slight_smile:

open console - type DI (enter) - close console

Then look at the structure :slight_smile:

See jasha responded above as well =)

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what happens to the ship? I cant afford the 1.7 million only been playing for about a week

im new to this game along with my faction teammates, were all supporters and donators. my capital ship is the astera destroyer and we accidently logged off with too many capital ships under the alliance. I cant afford the credits almost 1.7 million to get it back what do I do now?? I would really like my ship back I had no idea that it would be taken.






also I have an SV inside it I cannot access :frowning:

Will let @Jascha deside this one :blush:


no worries.
I set it back to your faction. Thanks for getting the ID.
If there is an SV, could you also give us the ID or at least the name?


wow thank you so much!!! I see that its not HWS anymore however it is still orange and inaccessible, is there something else that we need to do?

for sure bringing more people to this server and game!
(and ill make sure they are aware of the limits per system, thanks again!


ah wait… your faction was broken (should be fixed in the next Empyrion update).
I will set it to private for now

awesome we have it !thanks so much again!

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