Why is Structure commander ignoring my actions?

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What happened?
=> Every time I flip a switch to reset the days until deletion, it almost always fails to do so! I’ve lost several ships several time while playing on this server, just because the Structure Commander isn’t updating my feedback! I have been flying around, turning lights on and off, turning power on and off, parking the ship again, and still the days are still not reset! Highly aggravating!

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Bluelight

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> All the time! Every time!

On which Playfield?
=> All of them, but I’m currently on Federation HQ

Structure Name(s)?
=> Takes effort to get reset: Rapier (Ranger Comp.)
Deleted: A12 T2 Miner (HV)

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> Takes effort to get reset: 1476988
Deleted: 398789

How can we help you now?
=> Make the game server and connected web systems failsafe? I want to have it so that I only need to turn on and off the power ONCE! Thank you!

The reason why I get a bit on the hostile side is I’ve had my share of issues with this game, I’m thinking of abandoning it! There’s just too much that does not work as it should! It’s not your fault I guess but I can’t have this! I love the HWS server and it’s community, but the amount of bugs with the game is just awful!

Also as a side note, I usually prefer not to play games that require you to be online to not delete your stuff! It’s annoying and really pisses me off! When I’m playing games I use my time (part of my life experience) and effort to build something nice and to save up on resources, and I don’t want stuff to go away due to inactivity! I have quite a few things to play and do and can’t log on every now and then to make sure everything is there! At least not when that is the reason for logging in, and it takes several minutes to start the game, then when I log in I’m thrown out to the main menu and I have to log in again! This is time consuming! If you have some bases and a few ships you have to trigger all of them! One way to do it that would be at least a bit better then to trigger individual ships is, when a player logs in, all ships are automatically updated! This would mean a lot less hassle! Thanks!


sorry to hear that. I restored the ship.
The last 3 days EAH was in a test mode and the structures were not updated, but the removal of structures is a game setting, so if, its a game bug :frowning:
But maybe its the way you “touch” them. For quite some time you actually needed to walk on them. Not sure if that was really fixed, but maybe others can tell you more.

Sadly we need those settings to keep the server slim. We have over 1200 active people playing on the server and many who join, create structures and then leave again. If those structures would sit forever on the server, everyone would have big problems due to lags etc. So we need to “clean” structures that are not used anymore.


we all wanted the giant army of houseboats and battleships when we found this home. sadly the game has a vast amount of issues that prevents us from enjoying many aspects other games have. crouching for one. but yes it is awful if ur only reason for signing on is just to touch your structures like a chore of sorts.

as stated, the reason for the decay timers are to assist server process handling. having several unused structures hinders performance for all players. lots do come an go so a “janitorial service” is needed to clean up their toys.

perhaps you should carry light weight designs in your blueprint factory as a ready-to-spawn to use as needed. this would make traveling to the crucial structures for decay timer duties much faster. also being near the handy teleport monoliths can speed travel. lots of ways to avoid the grueling tasks of the structure commander.

new season will take a bit to explore bit don’t hesitate to ask for advice in working around empyrion’s many limitations…errr mean pitfalls…err um “features” yes go with that one :wink:

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