Will be a server Wipe?

On 7th of september the season will end, there will be a server wipe? Or it will be delayed untill the patch 7.0 will be released?

Thx for the answer

Yep, as already said so please spread the word:

Season II / HWS 7 will be released (full wipe) as soon as Alpha 7.0 will be released

So it looks like the 7th September won’t be true since 7.0 is actually containing a lot of new / great stuff which needs still a while.

ok thx Rexx I will spread the word

Where was this posted at? I want to make sure I don’t miss anything and I did not see this until today.

Any hint on when eleon will patch the class calc bug you have mentioned. Really like to see this soon to assess final impact on my builds.