Will new RE ressources be implemented into the Orbital Auto Miner?

I noticed, that there are several strange new ressources available in the marketplace.

Will these become implemented into the Orbital Auto Miner ?


they only seemed new to you because you’ve been gone for so long. but those resources have been around for a while now.

it’s best to learn about the environment you’re in now before advocating for any changes…

No problem, i will take the gold and buy them on the marketplace.

Would just give a logical meaning to me to be able to mine ALL ressources with the orbital auto miner.

@Bob Sorry, i am a 12-year-old-little-boy, have just received my first laptop and have absolutely no idea about computer games and environment exploration :upside_down_face:

The main thing here is that OAM is part of EAH which Rex and Jascha still develop, and Eleon releases as part of their base game. Adding RE specific resources to it would make no sense.

Depends. In general you are right.

But by now HWS RE is without question way more successful than HWS+. In the announcement of Rexxus for the next season you see absolutely the implementation of further mods to HWS RE, e.g. the new PVP zones. And i absolutely like what he suggests.

I feel you’re missing the point. It’s not an HWS+ thing. It’s an Eleon base game thing. OAM ships as part of the base game for servers. It’s developed by Rex and Jascha. For them to add RE specific components to OAM and EAH would make no sense.

with this statement u are absolutely correct. u know very little about the universe u are advocating for changing.

those that have actually been here for the times u were gone know about the changes that have happened over the years. learn to read the room before trying change the seating arrangements…

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… for the players using these components it would make a lot of sense :wink: