Will the admins let us connect our peronal servers to HWS to expand the Universe?

How awesome would it be to play with the NA server, the EU server and multiple other servers all at once?

I know that not every non HWS server will be compatible or desirable for a cross server warp connection, but I’m sure there are a few servers that would fit in.

Also, I’m sure that if approached in the right way many server admins out there would be more than happy to customize their servers to make them compatible with HWS. How awesome would it be to expand the Universe and the player base even further?

I hope the HWS admins will be open to this idea. :slight_smile:


yes, this is possible and will be done later maybe. That was the intention of CSW :wink:
Since we made this announcement officially it can happen sooner or later.

You can only do this with other servers you 100% thrust and that actively combat cheaters. How many besides HWS are there?

If you made one, it would be trusty. We’re a community, we know who is OK.

I disagree. Can’t even thrust veteran players because this would be 100% undetectable. At some point or when they rage perhaps they may make use of it knowing there is 0% of getting caught. Unless the other server is also run by the HWS crew OR by the devs it can not be trusted.


Dunno how the server part in empyrion work, but im guessing after the install u have to put some kind of user,pass to protect it.
That part could easily be handed to the HWS crew and they should be able to manage the empyrion part of the server.
And further more it can be restricted in most FW to only let this ip and that port to allow access with some protocol restrictions.If u want to tighten it more there can also be user pass restricions on the FW when trying to access the empyrion server from an allowed adress and an specified port. So there can be trusted “outspread” servers housing in others “garages,loft,basements” the part that might be a problem is the up time & bandwidth,HW specs. U cant host a server on a 1Mbit line and 8MB Ram on a old 486 dx33, it will choke. But the HWS crew might have some actual figures on what the current use is on that part.

That’s not the “trust” issue.

The trust issue is that I host a server that lets you warp over to HWS.

Except I’m a terrible person and make all my friends admins on my server, so they warp over pull up the item menu, load up a few cargo crates of fusion cells and combat steel blocks and warp back to HWS.

How do you detect that they cheated and did not legitimately earn that?

HWS only works because we all play by the same rules. CSW warps even to the official server would be iffy.


Antoher guess, the user and pass can be changed ?? if so the HWS crew could easily chng it to something they only know.

Hmm dont think thats possible after HWS crew chng the user pass part on it and check there is no other “admin” acc…

I still have the physical machine. I have all the raw data who cares what password they put on the server front end.


Great points about cheating.

I never thought that part through fully.

It would ruin the HWS server for me, and prol a lot of others, if there was any serious cheating. (Or appearance of cheating which is just as bad)

Maybe HWS can find a way to make it happen. Perhaps some server admins would be willing to give up their specific admin powers while still maintaining some control over certain aspects such as the playfield maps.

In my view a server admin should be given some control over what is on their server since they are paying for it, but once their server is up and running with ppl playing on it, preventing cheating is paramount so maybe the sub-admins will need to give up their powers at that point.

Files can be tamper checked, and if they dont add up to the “HWS security matrix” they wont be able to CSW from that server into “HWS space”. But the easiest way is to give a donation so they can rent servers . Trust is not given, its earned.