Windows 2012R2 dedicated server

Hi Guys

I am back and renting a server again.

Its a VPS with remote desktop connection. All ports are open and i allowed all of the required ports via the firewall.

The server is set up and running.
I can ping the server IP from my PC
all ports are open (confirmed via online tool as well that it can view ports and they are open)

however, i can not connect to the empyrion server…

EMP admin helper is also running and i can use it to start and stop the server (however i get no telnet info displayed)

any assistance would be appreciated.

ok, i see telnet client and server was never installed on 2012R2 so have now enabled it.lets see

and see, everything is open

What Version of EAH are you using?
Not sure what oyu try. but telnet is not used bei EAH anymore. And if you want to start your tool localy you need to start the master tool on the server.


latest one i could find being V01.38 Full version

aah ok so it wont be the telnet.

The server is running i just cant connect to it via empyrion.

the tool is on the server and i start the tool via EmpAdminHelper.exe

Restart the server after you started the too the first time

the actual server or the empyrion server?

EDIT : restarted the empyrion server and seems to be running ok.

ok, got it sorted…in the end server 2012R2 does not like port 30000 and i had to use port 30002 for my empyrion server