Wipe Concerns? Join a Faction

Hi all,

If you are concerned about leaving starter and concerned about the upcoming starter wipes (orbit and planet). Then, join a faction who can meet you when you warp in help you out with resources and places to go etc.

Whether you are looking for PvE, PvP - POI bashing etc there are places for you out in the universe - starters are just for starting off.

For Freelancers I would recommend AAA - you can see their advertisement in this forum section. You’ll have a safe place to practice any playstyle you like. Assistance will be given if required - although they wont want to spoil the early game by providing you with ‘everything’ you need. They have an extensive library of blueprints for any type of scenario and at least 2 members are dedicated ‘builders’ - Contact members either here, in-game or on discord for further information.

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This is a good post, backing it up:
I am a member of a veteran faction, 2 hours after starting on the season, 12 of us left the starter world together.
Taking 2 noobies along with us, joining a faction is a great move.

Get out and explore.
If you die, so what, it’s not the end!

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Are you in AAA (cleverly shameless promotion)?

I recommend this post as well, and also agree that joining a faction is the perfect answer! Whether its AAA, or WSB (Might as well join in on self-promo) or any other for that matter, a faction is the best way to get find ffriends and fun on HWS. If unsure, it is best to shout into the global chat “are there any factions recruiting”

Come out of the starter orbit and come meet some new friends!

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