Wipe Counter + Timezones

Hey guys,

since I promised to do it - finally today I pushed it through me…
Not 100% ready code-wise but already functional:

##Wipe Counter + timezones:

If you find any bugs - eat them :stuck_out_tongue:



That is very cool indeed well done @RexXxuS

well done !!!

Past few days at least I have noticed that directly after a wipe (planet only and also system wide), it seems to relist the freshly wiped system again for some reason. Saw once it did 6 hours after wipe, another time it listed it 12 hours after. Seems there is a bug somewhere that is showing incorrect times for any fresh wipes and it re-posts it with a much shorter time than it should be. The next schedule one, for milkyway for example, remains unaffected it appears.

Hey. What do you mean?
It is intentional that it is recurring.

I will take screenshots and show you on next reset on Friday :slight_smile: