Wipe date?


Just wondering when is the next wipe, I know it’s the next week but not when exactly as I’m eagerly waiting to start playing again. I read the last update but on the date it shows this “t:1697616000:F”, not sure if it’s a bug or I’m dumb and it’s some type of code I should know lol
Try to search about it on the forum but couldn’t get a date for it.

Thanks beforehand!

lol discord links in the web are fun. the RE wipe date is scheduled for Wednesday the 18th. hit up HWS discord for the most current info:


I’m so dumb I didn’t thought about discord lmao thanks mate

Woah, I am so late to the party. Only 3 weeks in. Good to know the date when world ends xD.

@Moggwhy, this post is many months old. The last full wipe was the 16th Feburary, and the next one is approximately 3 months after that. So long time to go.

Damn, right. I need a coffee xD. Thanks for claryfying.

No worries.

Now this post is 7 months old :wink:

Also there is no wipe in October. Next one is August.