Wipe is coming! What to expect in the new iteration?

So i read the announcement, a wipe is coming, july 7th. I’m excited for it. Its a shame that I wont get to explore the universe I’m currently in, but as a new player, I’m excited to start anew as I’m sure i’ll be able to get off the ground much quicker (yay!). I was wondering if there could be a little more insight to what we can expect out of the new iteration.

Are any rules being adjusted, are origins staying the same. I know one of the problems that I noticed was that players on the verge of leaving the starter systems came down with huge CVs and even bigger bases for no reason. Was wondering if that was going to be addressed. I think T1 hit block limit by early saturday morning as having a message pop up every 10 minutes saying that “the block limit on T1 is about to be reached, stop building” can divert a lot of new players from playing.

I wish I could ask more questions, but I’ve only ever experienced the beginning of the server and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to the trader origin system before wipe time. Also is there a forum somewhere I can submit suggestions or do ppl just post topics up in general?

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