Wisdome to 6.0 patch

Decades after the great war of 5.0 there will come a even greater 6.0 war.
Almost all the origins will be involved millions of people will die.
The war will be good versus evil, with the good taking humanity forward to save all mankind.
There will be leader who will lead them to true freedom. But the ultimate foundation of this prophecy is not to tell the future …., but to help you to be successful. The past will not help you so just learn from it and not dwell on it.
May the strengths of alliances help you forward and friends to give you guidance and admins to help you with your troubles through this dangerous path.


Andrea makes me really afraid…

Your heart is pure dark lady…

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Then Your Choice Is Made, The Path Of Violence.
It Is One We have Walked Many Times, Without Fear, Without Remorse.

Come Let US Walk It Together.


@Mattcore37k What are you talking about your choice is made?
I conjered this up for the whole server not me personally.
thought it may add a little more mistery into 6.0

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It’s a Voth battle hymn. Not worthy or Klingon Opera, but it was dark and
best I could come up with on the fly.

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lol what you like.
I just thought it was mysteriouse not dark lol

everyone party bh?

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