Wiseman's HWS 'basics of PVP' guide!

Howdy folks and this thread intends to take you through the basics of PVP in Empyrion but in HWS in particular.

This thread will hopefully assist the players who are wanting to venture into HWS PVP.

Disclaimer: This thread expects you to have a general understanding of HWS features and a good understanding of the base-game. This guide is also unfinished and will be updated regularly…

Part 1: PVP prologue- How to set up a support network:

  • Ensure that you have a base somewhere in PVE set as your home spawn in case you die and cannot escape planet. This will save you having to do CB:RESET and end up on starter again. (Make sure this base has lots of fuel so it doesn’t run out whilst you’re about in PVP.)

  • Make sure your OCD or base on PVE has enough materials to support you if you lose everything in PVP (worst-case-scenario). Also fuel and upgrade your AMs as much as you can before you venture out into PVP.

  • Make sure you have some appropriate blueprints in terms of being able to take some damage and survive your intitial encounter with PVP ships (there will be a future thread that goes into more detail on this at some point.)

  • Make sure you visit your base before you go into PVP in case you want to stay there for several days so your base does not delete.

Part 2-PVP beginnings-scouting the universe and finding important resources.

With HWS planets are split mainly into three different types:
PVE-Permanently player vs enemy playfields in which you are safe from others 24/7.
PVP-Permanent Player VS player playfields in which you should be aware 24/7 and not even away for a minute.
PVP-PVE rotation planets; these playfields switch between being friendly and hostile in terms of other players. The times of the pvp-pve change can be found on the planet’s description in the map mode from the PDA.

Part 3-Gathering important resources.

Your starting run into PVP should be to scout and to ocassionally gather resources if the server is pretty empty, DO NOT try and establish a permanent PVP base yet, especially on GG/HW/BH playfields as the first two are the busiest PVP hotspots on server whilst BH wipes daily.

When it comes to starting PVP i strongly suggest starting with the PVE-PVP rotation planets; these planets keep their good resources during PVP and PVE times so it’s best to scout them out and mine some of the rarer resources during PVE so you can save for and build powerful PVP vessels. They’re also less likely to be patrolled than the permanent-pvp playfields.

Part 4- A mobile base.

Once you have gathered enough resources for a more powerful ship then I suggest building a decently armoured mining CV (I will create a thread on good pvp cv/sv design in the future.) This CV will enable you to mine asteroids (mining asteroids has been BUFFED on this server so it’s faster and less painful than on Vannilla. Same with mining meteorites.) Once you have enough resources then i Suggest building a capable PVP CV. This CV can then be used to also mine asteroids in Black Hole with relative safety,(be warned though BLACK HOLE WIPES DAILY) This CV will allow you to have a ‘home’ away from home whilst also being tanky and able to take some damage in case you get ambushed whilst mining.


Part 4 alternative-Join the Fray!

If you want to jump right into the action then use the resources you’ve got into making some fighting SVs which can be flown down from a CV and fought with and you can either return with your damaged SV to your CV once the fight is over OR you can spawn on your CV as long as it is set as your ‘home’ spawn.

Now that you have a sizeable reserve of important resources (10k eres/zasc/neo) (and at least about 20-50k of all the other commons aside mag) you will need to start considering ammo production. You can get large amounts of ammo quickly by:

  • Buying it off of the NPC trader at ECC.

  • Ordering Ammo from trader factions such as UST (but use them if you’re ordering in bulk and remember that buying from UST or from NPC trader at ECC will cost credits which should first be spent on upgrading the autominer.

If you don’t wish to spend credits or lack money then you can also produce ammo, but it is a slow and resource-intensive affair.


Really nice guide. Thank you Wise.

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No problem mate, and i’ll be adding to it as I go along :slight_smile:

Best regards and lemme know if you have any feedback and think i’ve missed anything in the opening areas.


Great thoughts as always wiseman. Suggest in future update, expand on using AM (it was mentioned to fuel, but nothing further). Also OCD.

Nice! I would suggest expanding on the doomsday scenario. Killed in PvP playfield (so can’t access OCD), vessel destroyed and lost backpack - and forgot to set homespawn base. Because it does happen, particularly as a newer player to HWS.

Options to get out of a hole:

Ensure you have built up a prepared supply of ready to spawn simple/cheap blueprints - so multiples of the following: A BA spawning platform of around 20/30 blocks - possibly with a constructor/generator/fuel tank if you want to be really safe. An SV that will get you to space, and a micro CV to spawn in space and get you home.

Now these leaves the problem of fuel, if you have lost your backpack. Ways to get around this include: Saving your FA:supply to be used in emergency situations, using your do:re command (if you have donated for this previously). Prepare an emergency supply cache when you first land on the planet (such as placing a survival constructor down with some fuel etc inside) which you can now access. Scavenging the planet - especially PvP wrecks may often turn up some fuel (and other useful stuff) as well as any Civilian POI’s etc. If all this fails, ask a faction mate to rescue you, or ask in global chat if anyone would be kind enough to give you some fuel (some times it works…). There is also the possibility of purchasing a supply package from the HWS trader market - if you have sufficient credits and RP.

Lastly, if all else fails, then a suicide and fresh start at the starter planet is no such a bad move, as you retain your levels, so it is not too time consuming to collect enough Mats to assemble an SV and get off the planet.

A tough survival situation like this should be seen as a challenge and enjoyed as such (cue mission impossible theme song…) it is not a “ask the admin for help” or a “support ticket” situation. This is a normal part of Empyrion Galatic SURVIVAL.

  • just be prepared and all will be good!

Spawn a 4 device minibase with …
Large constructor
Solar panel
Capacitor (the solar battery thing, idk its real name, I never use them)

Takes about 100 ingots and 1 minute to spawn. All Level 1 parts. Then get some prometheum from OAM and refine that.

This will be enough to refine fuel and ore anywhere that you can see the sun

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Oh yes good point! - I keep forgetting that you do not have to be in the EGS to retrieve ores from your OAM (for a cost).

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This is how I get off Starter. Haven’t touched a drill in 3 seasons

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Any chance we’ll ever get that PVP ship design tips thread?

Greqt idea Wiseman.

Maybe @Zackey_TNT could include this in the already made PvP guide??

Curation Hub

You guys realize this thread is from 2018 in march right??
We’ve necro’d this.

A lot of the details of this thread are already included in the official guide. HWS features are discussed in HWS PvP Tactics & Layout

Of course for @Loki66 there is SV Design

Please correct me if I am missing something, super confused!
P.S, the guide will be updated in patch 10 when shields are released. All sections will have a complete re-write to shorten the length.
Best Regards,

Ah i didn’t realise it waa old post :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I was hoping more content had been added in other threads in the intervening year, which, apparently, it has. So thanks for the links, that’s exactly what i was looking for!

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