Wishing Gareth A happy birthday

Would just like to wish Gareth ( H.W.Police) a Happy Birthday. Have a fab day. xx Love You! ( for those of you that don’t know Gareth is my Husband)


Happy Birthday Sherrif! :birthday:

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Happy Birthday, Gareth!

What do you do on your special day? Already picked a coffin? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy birthday Gareth! Not too much alcohol! :slight_smile:

Drinking a can for you m8 =)

Wll i wish i could say he had a fab day but his computer has died on his and hes getting ready to throw it out the windown now lol

Since I wished him a happy birthday about a month ago because some kid sang the happy birthday song to him in the background Im refraining from do it this time to. Let me know when he want his next happy birthday wishes, 11 or 12 months from now? :slight_smile: Anyway Gareth, HAPPY birthday!


21st of may loke :0)

No, whenever Nathan decides to sing Happy Birthday again! :wink:


How fast a year goes by! Happy Birthday @gareth ! ! !

Be the force and infinity stones with ya! ( I know, I know… just travel back in time mate!)

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lolz thanks :wink:

Happy b day buddy :heart::heart::heart: lots of love from your verry own Thor