Would you like to dock your HV on your SV?

Did not see that one :wink:

Well, then it make more sence ^^

Yeah, I am definitely looking forward to finally having a use for garage HVs.

Hmm , did anyone think of hv/sv shield abuse on a pvp cv ?
Not that i see it in game yet , it could be blocked already , i don’t know .
Thing is , you take a CV and dock 2 or 3 SV’s on it’s hull , those SV’s can be simple and just have minimal thrusters and a shield , build and designed to fit and protect parts of the CV .
So until this is solved or accepted i would not recommand docking HV to SV .
I think docked sv’s and hv’s should ad to the weight of the CV they are docked on .
It would solve a lot of possible abuse .
I could make a CV with many docked hv’s loaded on and ready to go , i just have to destroy the core of the CV or Base they are docked on and all start shooting like hell .
It was long ago that i dropped HV’s from my CV on enemy bases , it’s bin nerved and fixed , but still there are plenty ways left to tweak game mechanics to things that are not basic .
I can drop a CV on a base for tactical reasons , if not made impossible it will be used .
There is a thin line between genius and abuse .
Docking HV on SV , only if the weight is added otherwise you pushing genius in to abuse .

About the shield ‘abuse’ part. It was fixed last update. Shield turns off on docked vessels.

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Eleon already thought of that.
“- Turn off Shield of Docked SVs/HVs”

well then that update failed , or i am missing something ?
My sv shield works fine while docked to my cv , if i shoot at it, it works fine , could be that it dos not in pvp , i do not know that . I was testing a cv with sv that had shields on , it covered a big part of that cv , jumped to ECC from Bomine and back , things bugged out , could not enter cv controls true P and sv jumped to public , parts from sv where aded to CV and CV parts where aded to SV . Had a hard time ondocking sv and a relog fixed my CV .
I have a sv with a cv shield now , or when i ad sv shield 2000% shielding .
No worry’s i won’t use it , pve or pvp .

For now i will log on to HWS and check if shields really don’t work on docked sv’s
Yo all got me a bit confused now :wink:

Are you playing on experimental version? That isn’t released on the stable branch yet, it’s in 10.5.

They removed HV to SV docking for now but the shields still deactivate for all docked vessels in 10.5.

Hah , ok , i am live on HWS server , so still 10.4
So shield abuse is dealt with at 10.5
Good to know :slight_smile:

that’s nice for rescue
when you have your sv partialy destroyed you don’t need use CV to get it back
just take fast sv , put missing mart enought to dock the destroyed sv on the rescue and back base to repair :wink:
else weight is adding so it’s nice for 1 hv / sv , for more , cv will be usefull :slight_smile: