X-7B question

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**What happened:

So i just bought this X7 B type ship, it says it has an CV warp system but its still limited to SV range.
My question is, is this supposed to be or?

**Player(s) with issue:BoldChicken
**Time (cb:time):09:15
**Structure Name(s):X-7B
**Structure ID(s):9307781
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Yes this is supposed to be. SV cannot warp CV ranges, even with Alien Techs. You have a CV warp tank though, which gives more capacity for Pent …

Oke thanks, but if i may ask… what is the point of putting a CV warp drive in it? :slight_smile:

Less refilling. You can jump more without opening the P-Menu

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Drive* Not tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay in that Case i have to guess… More Hitpoints. :grinning:

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When you buy a ship like that, remember to pull out the fuel tanks and O2 tank. The last thing you want is one of those puppies exploding because it does CV damage while in a SV. Also yes because of the alien core it does not need them unless something changed. Hey Rexxus could you realign all the drills so they are 9 wide instead of that cross design, would make my life easier on GG :).

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