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Hi Rexx as always great job!!!

I was playing on the 5.1 when i had some ideas:

  1. I like living under the threat of Drones and other enemies(ONLY PVE and RESTRICTED FACTION PLANET). SO why dont you make DRONE BASE on planet INDESTRUCTIBLES to prevent ppl stopping Drone spawns?
  2. I dont know if you can do but, can you decide the kind of drones that spawns and maybe their spawn rate HP fire rate rotation speed and other stuffs? For ex instead of spawning easy minigun drone SPAWN HEAVY PLASMA DRONES with 3 times normal HP and doubled damage. This way you make life on PVE planet more UNCONFORTABLE. You have to make bases with defences, keep them fuelled and ammo charged under the constant Drone thread.
  3. THe point 2 will not affect life on starter planet(only PVE planet, donator planet too) but even on starter keep the Drone Base INdestructible.

This was the first part of intersting ideas i had.

The secon part was about CREDITS. I have a lot of Cr in Elemental Bank and i get about 100k per day of interest keeping my CR free if i want to use them.
Why dont you make for ex interest rate 0 on cr kept in elemental bank BUT you can invest your money for some period of time?
Maybe 1 week you get 1% (BUT YOU CANNOT ACCESS IT) 1 Month 2%. And you get interest only at the end of the week/month. It is more realistic and i think it is also more interesting. I think it is not so diffilcult to do too in term of scripting, maybe somethink like EB:Invest:30:10000000 (So Elemental Bank Invest for 30 days 10.000.000) and tey are subtracted from your bank account directly).

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This is a pet peeve of mine. When people find themselves at a certain point, they want the game moved around to suit them. Those of us without ten million credits in the bank enjoy it just fine. How does it break immersion to get increased rates of interest, (which btw is the only motivator for people to actually USE the eb function they built) when you are in a universe that literally spawns new mats around you when you run out, and you can fit whole ships in your pocket? Point is, with real world investment rates, but non real world COLLECTION rates, you would effectively kill the interest function of the bank.

As for the drones, this is a variant of what I have been saying for a while. I think it would be GREAT to see far more aliens and drones around. The universe feels almost too empty at the moment, and then when you actually find another player, most of the time unless you are a pvp faction you have to run for your life. On the first day in the server we ran into a few drones in space. Not really a challenge, but definitely a little spice. What happened to those, and to npc freighters? have never seen any more after this day. Is it possible to up their spawn rates dramatically in 5.1?

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What would players be investing in? I like the idea more of a savings account, one that offers a higher rate of interest but can only be withdrawn from a certain amount of time after the last deposit was made.
Seems more suitable as investments should also carry risk, they not a guaranteed return after all you can make a bad investment in RL :wink:

Thanks guys for your suggestions.

Regarding invincible POIs this is coming with 6.0 for sure.

More drones and aliens coming too. Not sure if we have enough time for it for 5.1 but also in 6.0.

About the Elemental Bank… generally there is a boost of this feature planed. Sadly sadly so much stuff that we have to prioritize this and that and sometimes cool stuff takes longer than maybe needed… it really grew up fast.
About real world examples I have to think about but planned is a real HWS Connect mobile banking “app”, different interest rates with different factors, more interactions and a kind of stock market.

Good Thx Rexx I know you are doing the best with the Tons odf stuffs to implement and keep track. I am testing 5.1 not so different from 5.0.4 at the moment but i am going to leave the stating planet let see

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  1. I like living under the threat of Drones and other enemies(ONLY PVE and RESTRICTED FACTION PLANET). SO why dont you make DRONE BASE on planet INDESTRUCTIBLES to prevent ppl stopping Drone spawns?
    [/quote]I LOVE this idea. I’m always sad to no longer see drones. But I also hope for more bad-ass drones or maybe admin-customized drones. Currently 1 minigun turret > all drones. And drone AI needs to be improved they are so slow, I can circle around them and they never hit me.
    Would be nice to sit in your pretty house, shooting drones and aliens invasions. But I fear for server performance if that happens.
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We discussed this not so long ago, I’m afraid with time constraints it will be 6.0

I will be the main designer of all HWS POI in 6.0 so any feedback (constructive) or even better personal designs would be awesome.

Anyone out there who has spent a lot of time playing my POI currently would love to hear some feedback where they can be improved, Realistic feedback bearing in mind im restricted to the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Achilles, I have found myself enjoying making ships, so I have been spending more time in creative than “online”, let me know if there’s anything you want me to work on. I have already 7 custom CV’s of my own design, and 3 modified CV’s based on others. about a dozen or so SV/HVs of original design, and been toying with working on BA’s again (sadly, nothing appealing about BA’s atm.)