Xeno Blocks

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What happened:
=> Would we be able to have Xeno blocks increased from 800 to 8000 in the ocd slots? 800 just seems a little low.

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Time (cb:time):


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The meaning of this is to take back the xeno to the marked. Now people need to work a bit to get the xeno, or be rich and just buy it of the marked.

Considering it takes so long to collect I didn’t think 8k was that much to ask for especially considering most ships will use about 8k each with mixed hulls. Who would waste 10 ocd slots to make one ship? Doesn’t make sense to me. Plus there is not enough on the market to buy.

I will think about it once Alpha 10 is out and I know how Shield vs Non-Shield will behave.
If I need to change stuff in EWS etc.


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