Xeno overhaul for season 11

Since a lot of things changed in HWS config this season and Xeno blocks are now supposed to be the new meta I’d like to suggest some changes

Current situation is as follows:

Combat Steel Blocks L have:
2000 HP - 40 CPU
4000 Mass
Material : HullCombat
Costs around 100 credits per block

Xeno Steel Blocks have:
1500 HP - 32 CPU
750 Mass (1500 in vanilia)
Material : Alien (which actually uses damage modifiers from HullCombat)
Costs around 1500 credits per block

This means that more xeno blocks can be used on CVs, but even if xeno CV wins a fight with combat steel CV winner will lose much more - more xeno blocks will be destroyed and each destroyed xeno block costs around 15 times more than each destroyed combat steel block.

I’d say that xeno blocks currently are not worth using unless someone is extremely rich and doesn’t care about repair costs.

To fix this I’d suggest following change:

  • change Xeno block material to Plastic (which currently always have 1x damage modifier so no weapon will be effective against it)
  • revert Xeno block mass back to vanilla in order not to make it too OP, but also make designing ships easier to people without access to HWS config

This should make Xeno worth it’s price as well as make new CPU compliant CVs more resilient.