Xeno Substrate on NA

So i see this in the daily rewards. I have found myself wondering what it is used for that made it so valuable to be giving it away in the daily rewards.

thought 1 - PvP base. Xeno blocks due give off radiation so you must have that in your suit or another way to counteract it.

thought 2 - a great way to keep my mind busy while the radiation eats my finger tips away.

You might have to specify server now that RE is a thing, since it’s very different on EU/NA and RE.

Hey yeah i changed it but it is for NA.

if ur not into PvP, xeno is nice for playing with the black diamond in phoenix. also makes a great money maker on the market if u price it well.

Thanks Bob. I just been stashing it all for the time being. Hopefully my newbness is not getting old.

Xeno blocks are lighter and stronger than combat steel so it is ideal for pvp ships.