Xenon Sector looking for business startups (US)

Tired of spamming marketplace for the same thing over and over? Looking for a solid Peacekeeper system to call home? Looking for the convenience of location near Gold Fed?

Xenon Sector is a small public area of PvE I’ve setup shop in in order to drive a marketplace in US Server. I want to have a place which can be used to both park ships outside of Peacekeeper 4 and sell resources and materials to people when they need it. It’s going to be a little hard at first I think to get people, which is why I have a incentive to get traders to setup NPC posts in this area. For every NPC trader I see setup on this spot for a week (by a trading faction), I’ll give you 20,000 Cr. I’m only doing this for a limited time, so take advantage of it while it lasts!

The sign went down sadly :frowning: however I’m still interested in setting up a shopping/trading area in PK2, as there’s very little bases around that area, plus it would encourage people to build in space. If anyone is interested in this idea, please let me know via Discord. The offer regarding NPC Traders still stands, but I’d need at least 2 people to really do it.