XION planet

So i have an structure on Xion that is class 4 and i am getting warning messages for it being to big and to go down one class to 3, on the planet info it says class 4 so i build the base to fit within those borders. so is that just an lie?

And i thought Xion would be pvp during weekends? and pve on working days? or did we just get f******* with that aswell?

The warning was wrong. Forgot to set it on EU, did it only on NA… too much stuff at the moment everywhere.
It is set to Class 4 now.

about the rotation system I am still not 100% sure.
Xion week pvp or not.
Would be different than Sienna but they are different anyways. Yeah maybe I stick with the planet info as you see right now and update my news post

Would be nice to keep Xion pvp the weekend to have some fun after a long week of work as previous origins planets were :smiley:

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