XP loss on Death


long time ago I saw some Path of Exile videos and thought about the logic to lose XP on Death.
Would this be a good or bad addition to Empyrion / HWS? If you don’t care about your actions and die too often you could fall down to level 1 again.
Considering the current level system in Empyrion is laughable, it would be a good or bad replayability? If you die too often in PvP you can’t just spawn your level 25 HV again…

There are 2 variants for HWS:

  1. Just a plain setting to lose 50% of current level xp on death. Let’s say level 25 is 200 000 XP, then you would lose 100 000 XP on Death.

  2. A more detailed system combined with Skill Points. In the HWS Skill Tree 2.0 rework there would be some Skills available to reduce or prevent losing XP on death completely.

Either way, such system are cool for some hardcore fans but for PvP and Casual this is may be tricky.

Feel free to discuss about it.

What do these two games have in common?
Why try to transfer mechanics from one game to another if they are completely different?
How about removing dubious mechanics added in past seasons instead of adding dubious new ones?
I mean the crust on the planets, turrets and guns in excess of the standard limit, the requirements of different classes of CV in different playfields.

Ah, and overpowered carbon blocks too.


I don’t think it incentivizes aggressive pvp if I know I have to grind levels again. PvP will just turn into people staring at each other from out of weapon range because they are now even more afraid to die.


Farming XP is by far the most boring part of the game and I think the majority of players can agree with me on that.

On the other note, I absolutely agree with @olurz
Crust, turret/gun overlimits and carbon blocks need to be fixed in my opinion. Turrets increase lag and carbon is simply overpowered, on all vehicle types. There is no real situation where hardened/combat steel will be any better than carbon which leads to very long boring fights.


Im all up for discussing this when combat logging is fixed as this will just encourage it more then the current kill board has.


Thanks for your inputs!
I thought so, hence we didn’t implement it long time ago.
There are some topics in the PoE forum which also rage about it.
But I wanted to get your opinions.