Yesterday I was attacked on Lucifer by a Guardian

Im confused, I thought I read the Guardians were the “good people in the Universe” I had four laser defense towers and a single HV in the middle that was empty of any minerals. Robodroner Guardian member of MWG attacked when I was off line and died 134 times doing so.Two questions, 1) are Guardians allowed to attack when somebody does not attack them 2) if he died 134 for really nothing why does my kill ratio show 0. I would appreciate some feed back, thanks


In the guidelines we say that guardians are the good guys…after pirates and generally friendly towards traders. Traders are the only origin that should have some kind of bond the others are down to interpretation.

If you were offline maybe they didn’t know you were a trader, if you were… And just saw a base in pvp.

Overall we set guidelines but currently we cannot enforce these as no way to track so we cannot punish players for not choosing to follow. In 6.0 we are trying to really make some decisions that will push the story further but maybe we will never be able to stop some players who just don’t care about the story.

In regards to the deaths, if you have logs please provide them (from Hws connect intruder logs) and we can investigate if grieving has taken place in respect to ammo draining as 134 deaths in one attack seems crazy. This is a punishable offense if found to be so.


Thanks for your replay

This is how many deaths the player had when they attacked, not how many times they died during the attack :wink:

if it started at 0 and then went upto 134 it would mean they died that many times, this just means when they attacked you their death count was 134 (how many times they have died total with their character ingame)

so the logs shows they actually did not die once in the attack.

have fun out there and hopefully some better luck in the future, make some friends with Hunters i suggest :stuck_out_tongue:…take those rogue guardians out