Yet another vehicle canceled without reason

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What happened: Another vehicle lost without reason
Player(s) with issue: Venom
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 00:10
Playfield: Cryo 1
Structure Name(s): Mini-Miner
Structure ID(s): 27014148
How can we help you now:
Why was the vehicle canceled a few minutes after I created it? These disappearances are becoming really annoying, since I started most of the vehicles I lost them for no reason.

PS: I can see the ID on HWS connect but he said “deleted - yes” WHY?


sorry to hear your bad experience with this alpha game, even though that should be considered as daily business.

Anyways sadly not much I can do for you except teaching:

  1. Never ever in your Empyrion life should you be near the green zone or even spawn stuff near the green zone.
    The green zone is around the coordinates you see there; 4000/-4000.

  2. Since it was spawned and deleted within few minutes our backup system couldn’t generate a copy of it.

Thumbs up for the next time.

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I had problems of teleporting vehicles because of the green barrier, but I did not think they could even disappear, partly because I saw many bases, also giants one, built near the green barrier, so I thought I was safe…

Thanks for everything RexXxuS

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