You are tired of bugs? You want a stable game? It is up to you!

Hey guys,

so I have analyzed the last week and what caused the most problems are obviously ships which got lost / stuck in a ship / planet crashes / game crashes, etc. etc. (beside the EAC server freezes)

This has to stop!

Up to now HWS had the policy that we were really generous, and gave you your stuff back. Really cool for you, but in the end, sooner or later you had the problem again… and again… or your friend… again.
This madness has to stop!

So we have implemented a new rule 4.7! If you don’t follow this rule we cannot help you anymore in most cases.

While this game is in an alpha state and crashes happen a lot. We will now only help properly if you send us your logs (via email, forum or discord)! Only then we can fix this and we do not go in to a bug-help-bug-infinite-loop. Your logs are located here: steamapps/common/Empyrion…/Logs/Current-Build

The devs really need these logs to easily be able to fix these exceptions. HWS has a great opportunity and responsibility to have so many players. So we are on the move to fix this game!
Every one of you can do this.

Send us your Client logs via email ([email protected]), Discord (Drag and Drop) or Forum.
Thank you for your support and making this game even better!

Your HWS Team


All seems fair. I have been lucky and not lost anything yet.

Can confirm , Lost ship , emailed logs , Got my ship back . easy peasy.

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Easy Peasy like Cheesy Peas. aint milk great.

But I noticed that a lot of times the game didn’t log any errors at all. Some days I encountered so many bugs/crashes/stuck/loops/etc but the logs were 100% clean. I still get my stuff back if I send you those clean logs? :P. Also some bugs are never logged anyway.

The “bug-help-bug-infinite-loop” will no longer be ‘gone into’? So if I get that then I’m royally screwed because I will be unable to login until next server/playfield restart due to problem in playfield, even if I send my logs, I just have to wait until the next server restart to be able to play again? Which, if the server does not crash, can take days?

Sounds good Rexxy, we’re on the case!

Hm hold on. How are you starting Empyrion? Over Steam or over a custom desktop shortcut? If you don’t start it over steam your logs will be written in Empyrion_Data as “output.log”. And everytime you have a crash or start the game it will overwrite the previous log.
Please make sure to start it over steam. There the logs will be written and “empty” logs wasn’t an issue at all for me. If you get a CoQ (Continue or Quit) you Quit or Continue? If you don’t have an enemy behind you “Quit” should be the savest way. Continue might overwrite it? Not 100% sure.

Not exactly sure what you mean but what I meant with this was from our perspective. “admin get ship back → we give ship back → admin ship gone again → we give ship back again → admin, strange ship is lost → …”.
If you are stuck and no one can help you still sending the logs are important.

Ah, I didn’t know it overwrote stuff. And yes I also have an “output_log.txt” in folder “Empyrion_Data” as you mentioned but it’s very clean and hasn’t been updated recently (I always start it through Steam) but still good to know.

Oh I’m sorry I mistunderstood/misread. I assumed you meant the “infinite-internal-error-loop-bug” which sometimes can be fixed by relogging but sometimes it can ONLY be fixed by rebooting the playfield the player is in. But okay then I understand :slight_smile: you meant that admins no longer refund players whom lose their stuff constantly in the same manner. My mistake.

Though I only ask for my stuff back if it was a REALLY lot. Otherwise I just take the loss. But the only times I asked for that was months ago when I ragequit and nothing could be recovered :frowning:

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