You do not understand us Ultima133

Continuing the discussion from Stolen assets returned to original owner by moderator despite no rules being broken:

You ruined the entire evening for the entire server.

  1. You exposed an attack and alerted the entire server.
    You insult us as such noobs that we need or want this warning.
    By exposing it you forced TaW to call it off and thus no PvP for all of us.
  2. You stole a base that may have housed their ammo, fuel, etc.
    It is common and smart for an army to pool supplies into a central location for logistics
    You are the stupid one if you expect the ‘it was just one base’ argument to hold weight
  3. You manipulated RexXxuS’ words to try to force the entire server to tolerate your sorry actions.
    RexXxuS should not have to spend his time dealing with this sort of crap.
    There is a ‘spirit of the law’ that becomes obvious when you read with the intent of understanding rather than looking for loopholes.

You are not welcome in or near IMF division of OP4. Even if you manage to ally other factions we are allied with you will be shot on sight by IMF and will NOT be allowed to ally with us.


and he posted also base list, videos and maps to forum and now everybody knows where bases and stuff is and what they are capable at moment

They were banned until the year 2103. I don’t think they will be reading these posts to reply or causing any more problems.

Just saying.
I’m glad they didn’t get away with that though.

Grizzly — granted this low life has already received his ‘just reward’, very much appreciate your post.

You said well.

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Thank you for all of your support HWS community. It means alot to me, especially in this case as the person in question (Ultima133, AKA Redalert_007) only did this to provoke a response from me (personal vendetta, I disagree with his moral stance/gameplay and know him from starmade :slight_smile:) TAW was just a casualty of his actions against me.

Having such a large base stolen is a huge event for any faction, and unfortunately, until the alien core can be restored and production resumes, I doubt we’ll have a lot to contribute to the game play of the server.

This attack was targeted, the user infiltrated the faction and brilliantly determined that not only was said base our central production area, it was also my personal pet project, striking both at TAW and myself at the very same time, and it very nearly worked, had it not been for the community response, both from rexxxus and from Op4 and the rest of the server, I am glad to see that we can stand on common ground when it comes to such horrible tactics.

Once again, I thank all of you here, for your support and guidance during these troubled times, and I hope that once production resumes, we can offer you a significant and enjoyable challenge!

-Logistics Platoon Leader


Yeah i’ve been quiet on this until now, but I just want to reiterate that it has been fantastic to see the community pull together, kudos to everyone including @Grizzly for being magnanimous and wise in his response, as well as @Zackey_TNT, good to know that there is a strong sense of Honor between these two pvp factions :slight_smile:

I only hope that god-forbid should the same thing happen on EU our factions would all respond with such integrity.

Anyways, that’s my two cents.

Best regards,

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