You opinion for the announced new HWS RE and HWS+ features 2023?

Sounds for me both very interesting. Of course both approches are very different. While HWS EU is more or less a procedural generated universe, the implementation of the Black Hole-Golden Globe PVP system could really enrich a meaningful gameplay.
I will never forget the good old times on Golden Globe very early on sunday morning… before gareth_8000 woke up to annihilate my mining vessel :stuck_out_tongue:
Has something of “Dune, the desert planet”. You long can you harvest till the sandworm arrives ? Really funny.

Also the approch with PVP space in Black Hole while some planets like Armageddon are PVP (during week) is more or less exactly what i had suggested. So you can flee from space to planet and vice versa there.

HWS+ ? Depends. The plans go into the right direction, as HWS+ will not be huge(&boring) but handmade and meaningful. Everybody knows the motto “Less is More”… and this is 100% true.
Rexxus stated, that some thoughts will be invested into which ressources will be made available on which planet, in which space and why. Sounds good !

Major point, and this is also valid for myself, will be, if enough players take the opportunity to explore HWS+ 2023. If it is between 0 and 3 players like at the moment we can certainly forget about that. I will give it a try, just to tease the mighty sandworm gareth_8000 again :stuck_out_tongue:

One issue, that Rexxus and Jascha may take into consideration : I like the new weapons, armors and boosters in Reforged Galaxy a lot. Maybe something like that can be included into HWS+.

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