Zappe´s HWS supermarket Now open

HWS first supermarket is now open and the first 4 NPC traders are now installed.

Please visit us to fill the needs for ore and resources.

We also have more space for more NPC traders to join us.

Our 4 packages are now…

Happy trading

PS: If you think we should correct any packages please inform me.


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Soon also Smallys NPS will join Supermarket. more info will come.

Hi Zappe21,

Is there a good thread or more info than in the guide about how these work. I have been wanting to set one up for some time, but seems I always get distracted.


Its easy. You start by donating the npc donation.

They will then send you a message here on what they need to set it up.

If you want to placed in the supermarket then please just tell me and il construct the shop ready for use.