Zascosium and Erestrum removal

Hi its welcome change and i hope that this will force us all to go to PvP space. Good job.

What is not good job is removing of what we had in autominers. Im pretty sure i had about 50k or more of both these ores. Both autominers at level 10.

This means i lost (10k+20k+30k+40k+50k+60k+70k+80k+90k+100k) x 2 gold and 100k of both ores ingots. And all the pentaxid to fuel it up.
I can live with this. I ahve still plenty and i know where to mine. But again and again im asking why Im wasting time in Empyrion.
If i would at least loose this all in battle…

Sorry but its frustrating a bit. We loose 75% of time invested into game due to bugs every day. And this is another waste of time. Its like I mined gold for whole day for nothing. Realy…my feeling is a bit like ok…this is normal. Exploit it back and double that…who cares, you will loose it anyway sonner or later it will disapper as everything in Empyrion. Why to spend time trying to achive something when it all will be lost without my fault, with no pvp, just lost.

(biggest problem is that i asked Admins about 3 times before update if im supposed to withdraw resources becouse i already know how Empyrion works…loose all without your fault)

All i need is to start CV and go quickly stripmine all Ere and zas before others…stuff i usually do. And i know that i wont finish with this sooner than at midnigh if today. Will i spend my lifetime doing this?

I dont think so when there is Minecraft pocket edition and Factorio :sunglasses:

Here we go:
yes Elfias, I know you complaining a lot about this game recently and yes I know that it sucks. People who were not online would be mad but we looked before and people who were offline hadn’t that much resources of erest and zasc in their auto miners. At least not too much.

In your case you had some stuff there and upgraded them but you were online:

So yeah I came back from vacation, it was a long day for me and I was stressed, didnt know about the erest and zascosium lost by myself and so ~30 minutes before the release I was able to announce it. But you was online the whole time. You could like Archangel type get:all and sell erestrum and zascosium miners.
We don’t want to punish people who don’t react good in time but we don’t want to be an ultimate “Darling-Babysitting-House” by giving everything over and over back due such things in our spare time. If we implement features it can happen that we remove them if it isn’t good. Like our old global trading system.

So again we can handle people losing stuff, we can give you all 1 million ingots per day, and 10 ships of your choice because it is an alpha game, right?.. or like you writing:

But we have to sensitize people that stuff can be lost in the current state.
I hope this does not sound mean or something. I just found out that people complaining latley very often about a LOT and want stuff back they never had. Something I hate the most is liar and unthankful people. I am just a bit tired of it recently (nothing about you especially).

So yeah… I will give you and other people a credit approx value compensation because it was my / our mistake in a certain way and a HWS feature you all like.

Rexx dont take it offensively please :slight_smile: that wasnt intention. Im definetly not disappointed with what you do guys, as you are making game which noone would play on multiplayer at least a bit playable. And im very well aware how it must feel like becouse amount of request on you to solve bug problems is huge.

I think im suffering from quite the same “being tired” just from players point of view. I of course overlooked warning about withdrawing ere and zas…which is easy on Empyrion lovely chat. There is no need of compensation, if ppl who had few resources wont get anything Im not the one to get something, for me its easier than for them to get these rare resources. You know its just frustration from another wasted time. Also :slight_smile: I wasnt able to do get:all :slight_smile: I was withdrawing from autominer today for more than hour i think, part by part, Im rich man :slight_smile:

Anyway you made very good point with me complaining, i became “toxic” player, longer one plays more bugs and exploits are being discovered. Today i tested some stuff in combat system and well, now i dont know if there is at least some part of game which works at least a bit. Dose of problems Empyrion does to player is leathal, and its even worse for admin, so Im doing what i was talking about last 14 days…taking a break, no need for angry player chasing ppl from the server. Its about time with 961 hours/456 on HWS :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for fun guys, ill be back as i never saw better server with better admins! And ill pray for Eleon to fix game that could be awsome.

No problem Elfias, sorry. Was not offensivley from me either.

I know everywhere are features but nothing 100% it seems. Don’t know how long it will take for all of these fixes or if I survive all these dramas and hate but we give our best - as always :wink:

Can understand your pause and you was really a big addition and help for the server. You are always welcome rich man :wink:
Thank you very much!