Zuto miner issues and cb:survival issues

Hi im using your tool which is great by the way but im having some issues with the auto miners and cb:survival
Auto miners have lost there names and just state amount 0 fuel 0 etc so have had to buy them again only problem is when miners are fulled the old ones also take the fuel could you tell me how to fix this thnaks

CB:survival is giving players 1.5mil credits when its set to 125k also cant see where the problem is thanks 20210218_212837


to fix this you need to convert the items.

See patch notes here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-eah-empyrion-admin-helper-v1-55-x.5771/page-71#post-427918

About cb survival credits. What have you entered into the field. maybe a . , issue?

for the credits ive entered 125000

can you tell me where i find the ids for the miners im new to all this thanks

You mean for the fuel?
Fuel: Config-Autominer - Fuel Item

For the to be mined items etc as mentioned in the patch notes open the item converter and click “Convert database”: