1 shoot lagshoot cockpit down

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> I ask for my sv from you/dir to see since HoboTruth has shot my pilot seat out and I have lying shoot protection and xeno blocks at garagen sv. I ask for sighting of the ship

Player(s) with issue:
=> HoboTruth, PestBoy

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 22:37-38

=> HW orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> 23020920 Pest Trader

Structure ID(s):
=> 23020920

How can we help you now:
=> I ask for inspection of the ship and measures against the deceit

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Build a better ship? Or waste more Rex’s time… Whichever…


let’s let it decide rexxus when he has seen the ship


Any damaged components, intentional or by accident can’t be restored or refunded as well.


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oh yeah you talk for rexxus here nice

rex does not need to be involved. there is no 100% resistance to lag shots. it is a flaw on the game. not a cheat/exploit. admins do not need to waste their time on something like this.


oh you say now what admins time is wasted? this will be better and better here that the same people are always doing together and taking action against plaintiffs.

Hey @PestBoy,

could you please

  • attach a screenshot of the ship where we can see exactly what you mean.
  • And also as well a video of prove of the fight where you got shot out of your cockpit with ONE shot? (really hope you are using facts in what you write)

@HoboTruth, could you please write me your view of the matter (best via Pm to me)?

No other post besides such facts anymore (from anyone). Thanks!

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the sv is on the NA server in the jupidor system, since you can look at it because pictures can hardly grasp it

you have no real desire to go against your paying scammers then play on with you alone. the last big empyrion server and then is scam not punished you fucks empyrion and if no one plays anymore then no one pays any more! pvp you can delete

And again you are accusing someone without any proof… If you want to have any evidence, just use this:

For a simple Screenshot (like Jascha asked for) press ingame F12 for a Steam Screenshot or F7 for an Empyrion Screenshot.

Otherwise, stop wasting the Admins time - again…

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Chill a bit budd.
Earlier there was a big problem with lag shots. But lately the problem seems to be more and more history.
That’s why jash needs proof that it was lagshot, and not some hole in the ship.
Remember, it is a ea game, so wierd things does happen.

And to the others, no question is a waste of admins time, before the admin says so him self :wink:

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apologies. it just seems as if this part of the forums is becoming more of a complaint section instead of a support section :frowning:

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I uninstall empyrion. you can keep squeethinging and do what you want to do to the people. Bye


Sorry to hear that, but I think its the best for all, since you clearly can’T accept the truth of Empyrion being an Alpha Game.

No matter if you buy a Game or Play on a Server, you should ALWAYS read the disclaimers/rules first. If you can’t accept them, don’t buy it and don’t play on it. Very easy.

I checked the situation and there is nothing suspicious at all, but your untruthful claims.