10M PRIZE! Valley Capture the Flag - NA PVP event:Grand Prize of 9M credits and $50 in donor benefits!

6PM PST TONIGHT (saturday)!! 15M CR in prizes, 10M Grand Prize - Valley Capture The Flag event on NA - Come ALL!

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With only a week(ish) left in the universe, why not have some fun? And how better to have fun than to point weapons at each other and take things from others that should belong to us anyway? Like bases, and towers!

What is it: Capture The Flag/Base style PVP, Team elimination. How many teams we get will determine certain details, like how many matches and weapon selections, however the basis is as follows:

  • Each team will start at and defend an HQ Base, RED or BLUE. The goal is to take the enemies base OR end the timed match with the most towers under their control.
  • Each HQ Base is situated atop a ridge on either side of a valley.
  • There are three towers between, equidistant from each other, these are neutral towers until officially occupied by changing the background color of the LCD in that tower. Ownership changes by changing the color in the same manner.
  • This will be a PVP, Personal Weapon fight ONLY - NO BROUGHT IN WEAPONS ALLOWED. Cheaters will be banned from the event and their whole team disqualified, losing the match, advancing the opponent team.
  • There are no MedBays. Spawn nearby and get back in the game.
  • There is O2 at the HQ - but its limited. Use care.
  • Matches will last 10-15 minutes each or until a HQ core is destroyed.
    – A winner will be declared at the end of the match by the nuetral Referee based on destroyed core or number of towers owned (only changed LCD screens count – NO OTHER OCCUPATION MATTERS)

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Where is this?: The Valley CTF field is presently located in Lightworld. It is available for visitors to look through and learn the layouts, learn strategy. The buildings will be powered down so there is no threat. Please do not deface or damage the buildings prior to the event.

Who’s eligible to play?: Everyone. Yes. Everyone. If you can make a team of up to 3-6 people, fantastic. If you are Solo, lets talk and we can probably make some ad-hoc teams and match you with a buddy. The games will last as long as it takes to name a winning team. Even EU players are welcome to warp over and participate! Its personal weaponss only, so its all Skill! and luck

When will this happen?: As soon as we can get at least 4 teams of 3-6 players we will kick it off. If we cannot make that many, we will host team deathmatch and have fun anyway at some point priot to wipe. Sooner we get interest, sooner this will go off! Depending on popularity, and time left in this universe, we may hold two on opposite ends of the time zones. (this is really just a test of a concept in the death throws of the galaxy! lets see how it goes)

What do i get if i win?*: Besides a lot of fun in the sun and learning and… right… you want stuff… The following prizes will be provided:

  1. First Place - U$C will Donate, on your behalf, for a donation level of “DONOR” or below - for anyone of your chosing –
  • Get ready for Wipe with OCD level 5! Keep 5M credits! Or, If that doesn’t sound good enough, 10k Combat Steel Blocks and 750k Creidits PLUS…
  • LoT Has UPPED the Ante by adding an additional 2M CR prize for the winner!! Plus…
  • WKN has RISEN the Ante again by adding an addional DONOR prize to retain 70M CR after wipe!!)
  • Op4 has JACKED the Ante with a donation of $4M CR for the Grand Prize!
  • **H86 has BOOSTED to Ante with a donation of $2M to the grand pot!! **

WOW!! That a grand prize of 9M credits, and $45 in donor benefits!
2. Second Place - Your team will split 4M Credits + 1 stack of CS per teammate (Max 6 may change)
3. Third Place - Your team will split 2M Credits + 1/2 stack of CS per teammate (Max 6 may change)
Thanks to an ANONYMOUS DONOR for the boost for 2nd and 3rd prizes!!!

HOW DO I JOIN IN?!?!: Reply here with the following info:

  • Team Name: (if no team name, put “Solo”)
  • Number of players in team:
  • Any days you cannot participate (in case this fills quickly, can you play sooner than later?)

*Legal mumbo jumbo: We have the right to change anything at any time for any reason to ensure a fair, fun and positive gameplay experience.

ALL players are encouraged to RECORD their matches!!

Ask any questions below – Lets see how this works. :slight_smile:

Happy Holy Zombie Day everyone!

  • Hops


This is a big prize, folks. We need to keep it clean, play fair, and accept judgements if you’re caught breaking rules. There will be no tolerance for cheating. If at any time a member of a team is caught cheating or playing unfairly, the entire team may be disqualified.

  1. Keep it CLEAN. Keep it FAIR. Skill is your ONLY advantage.
  • NO brought in weapons or consumable items are allowed.
  • NO Vehicles are allowed, in any circumstance, by any player
  • NO Backpack Stealing. (you can camp a backpack, but you may not open or take it’s Contents)
  • NO OUTSIDE HELP – Other factions, trolls, vandals, outside influences to the game will stop and reset the match. If found to be intentional antics of a team playing, will also DQ that team.
  • NO STEALING of game supplies. Provided weapons, excess ammo, etc, must be returned at the end of the match.
  • Follow all ADMIN instructions, Admin decisions are final.

This is an opportunity to have fun with a great prize pool for people who participate. Lets not screw it up by proving we cant have nice things.

Match Schedule – This will be an 6-team single blind elimination game. Each matched team will play against their assigned team and will not know their match until it is called. Matches are randomly assigned via random.org (see below). Winners will promote to the next tier until we have a final winner.

FAIR PLAY: How it works – Random.org - i enter the 6 team names in, it gives me a random order, they go into the bracket in that order, with the 5 and 6 positions taking on the winners of the first 4 positions.

This is the actual random result.

Here is the bracket format we will be using. It may look confusing, but it’s pretty normal stuff… this the ACTUAL team assignments.


Looks cool. Thanks for putting up a prize pool!

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Will be some epic battles fought here.

going to be great

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Sorry guys i was not on because some private problems. Will that fight be tonight?

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So far, no team entries yet, so not likley tonight – Lets give it a couple days (Its Easter today) and if we dont hear much by Tuesday, lets do what we can Wed or Thursday before possile wipe on Fri

I would like added to a shortlist for any teams that may be lacking a participant.
Unfortunately I have a small window of play time in the weekdays. 4-8pm MST.
That said, if anyone needs a Sub-in, I’m your guy.

Op4 can put 3 to 5 players anytime someone wants to give it a try.

Can you assemble teams and post them here. Want to get a solid roster for the actual games so we can get it scheduled.

This sounds/looks great! Can’t wait to assemble a team tonight and do this whenever we have enough people! Should be loads of fun! :grin::grin:

You should probably ban Plasma Cannons they are insanely easy to use with stupid high splash and damage.

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If we get enough people we will do themed matches (assault rifle, sniper, pistol, etc)

I’ll provide the weapons and ammo to keep it clean, folks just need to bring their bodies. If anyone uses a weapon not allowed, their team loses.

no epics?

Will be difficult to provide them… and if we do BYOG it could get hard to manage.

Miss the time to talk it out tho. I’m open so long as it’s fair.

if someone wanna use epics they can bring it for them selfs

Which created the fairness problem. Not a level playing field if vets have epics and noobs have t1 pistols.

if we have any noob iwill give him epic

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I’m not fighting with no epics

If someone wants to donate up to 12 epics of certain types, we could run an epic game, but there’s risk someone may not return it.

I don’t have a surplus of everybepic, may be willing to buy some, but here’s how it will work

There are two cargo boxes in each HQ. They will hold the weapons for use in the match and Ammo.

If we do epics, people will need to run and pick up their BPS instead of leaving them on the ground and remitting at HQ. May be fine since it will mean camping a backpack will also remove the camper from advancing or occupying a tower. But epics are less disposable as other weapons – was where my head was at.