10M PRIZE! Valley Capture the Flag - NA PVP event:Grand Prize of 9M credits and $50 in donor benefits!



I can donate 12 ( or more) of any type of epic. I just want them back the next day. And as long as I get them all back I will always supply them. Just let me know what epic you want that night and I will arrange w/ someone to get them there.


You rock!

So far, the only person who’s officially signed up to play is @darthn8ers. Everyone else interested by not committed. I’d hate to cancel it. We only have 5 days confirmed left, anything above that is unplanned gravy.

I think we can assume I will cap the teams at 6, maybe minimum 4. So max we would have out at any time would be 8-6.

If we can get at least 2 teams, we have a game. 3 teams and we have a contest. 4 teams and we have an elimination. This will drive how we actually run the event.

If we can do an elimination, one round could be assault, one round sniper, etc.

If we do just a general pvp matches, pick your weapon sans plasma and go at it.

PS - in 6.0 these can be instances and I can force you to drop everything on exit, so these should be admin providable in the future.


I highly recommend going and checking out the valley. It looks like some good times can be had there.
Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a few paths pre-planed. :wink:


FYI – The space is not small.

And it has nice sniping positions:

And all you need to do is kill this core behind a small little piece of glass


Ok, not enough interest yet I see? Well how bout now:



I. Love. That. Meme.

And you after this. :heart_eyes:


So I am no longer a “FREE” agent. I still need on a squad, but I will now be asking for a portion of the winnings when we do win.

Way to up the ante Mcrouty!


Alright – Here’s the scoop.

Sice We have an EXP 4 dropping, and we have more time here than Friday, so we can schedule this thin THIS SATURDAY if we have critical mass… We need only 4 teams to at least have 3 winners and a loser. But 3 teams could still walk away everyone being a winner.

Min team size: 4
Max team size: 6

Prize pool for First Prize is now 2.75M Credits and 10 stacks of combat steel (500k value!)

Thanks @mcprouty for the top off on behalf of LoT. And to @Obsey for donating an addition donation inn a half Of the winner to “keep 70m credits!” THanks WKN and LoT!!!

Lets hope they dont let you keep your cash to yourself. :slight_smile:


otherwise - PLEASE ENTER TEAMS below and we will look to host you this saturday on Lightworld!.


I am trying to get a t team together, should be do able with our current member numbers.
Assuming Saturday for fight night.
Perhaps a server msg just before server restarts? that way people can use their little break time wisely and might reach some people not reading forums :wink:


Hi Hops,

Keep it Honest and WKN will add to the pot. Since Lot Threw in 2 Mil and you’ve got the OCD or 5 Mil covered WKN will go for the bad boy.

Faction BANKER Prize : WKN will donate for the winner to Keep 70m Credits after full wipe.

We don’t have the in-game revenue LoT does yet but I support this. I’ll get you some epics too as I can’t take them with me.

Sadly I have a Magic Tourney that day but I’ll be there in spirit!


You cast a 10 mana fireball? Sorry, that’s been counter spelled…


Cast: fizzle, sorry, your counter was countered.


NFA will be there with 4 on Saturday with a potential two more. Just to be up front about it but because of that little tidbit Rex announced about RP converting into money for 6.0 a couple of the members will be making alts to avoid the RP loss.


Nonissues with Alts, but if so, please provide master account so that we can pay out the proper folks who win.

Looking like we may have some games after all!


Hm… looks like you used up all your mana for that… I cast overrule. I’m afraid your counter to my counter has been countered.


Should I cast Brawl or do you fortify already :stuck_out_tongue:


we should actually let that counter counter counter slide and let my 4 howling mines deplete his hand on the next draw phase. :fireworks:

Edit: We’re all such nerds.


Force of Will discarding Cancel then channel + twincast + FIREBALL. GG newbs.


#NEW DONORS TO THE TOP PRIZE!! and it just keeps getting bigger.

@CenturionOp4 & @Mattcore37k Op4 have each added AN ADDITIONAL 2M Credits!!!
@colin2cold of H86 has added AN ADDITIONAL 2M Credits!!!

Added to the already generously boosted first prizes of
2M Credit Donation from LoT - @mcprouty!!
**$35 Donation for 70m Credit Bank for a member of your choice – @Obsey **

And dont forget the base prizes provided by yours truly.
First Place - Your team will split 1M credits OR Donor Package + 10 Stacks of Combat Steel Blocks (CS)
Second Place - Your team will split 750k Credits + 1 stack of CS per teammate (Max 6 may change)
Third Place - Your team will split 400k Credits + 1/2 stack of CS per teammate (Max 6 may change)

#TOTAL GRAND PRIZE: Up to 9 MILLION CREDITS & up to $45 in donor benefits!
(Thats real people spending real money to reward you for being a killer!)



No Hop Colin add 2mil and Matt add 2Mill and I add 2Mil haha